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Bhagyashree, Raima Sen, Hitten Ttejwani, Aditi Govitrikar get bold in NRI WIVES - Suyash Pachauri

Bhagyashree, Raima Sen, Hitten Ttejwani, Aditi Govitrikar get bold in NRI WIVES

The film features celebrated actors like- Samir Soni, Jugal Hansraj, Raima Sen, Hiten Tejwani, Bhagyashree, Kiku Sharda, Gaurav Gera, Sadiya Siddiqui, Gunjan Kuthiala, Samiksha Oswal, Javed Pathan, Aditi Govitrikar, Olivia Malhotra, Kapil Arora*

One of its kind Cinematic experience Bold subject stories wherein Producer, Writer Gunjan Kuthiala (Owner of NRILIFE Productions) believes that we don’t need to incorporate nudity for the heck of it. She wanted to do the unexpected cast as in the “masoom face” jugal Hansraj in an open marriage relationship and Bhagyashree as high flying Executive having unfiltered conversations with her besties. Audience will see first time ever a film made on “Asexuality” subject and Bhagyashree has been casted for the same story opposite Hiten Tejwani to surprise the audience. The comedian Kiku Sharda is visible as romantic character since who says big size people don’t have right to romance/love. Another Comedian Gaurav Gera can be seen as geeky and serious US based IT consultant opposite to home maker kinda NRI Wife Raima Sen, a story that touches bi sexuality/adolescent secrets. Lastly, the story of Gunjan with Samir Soni and Jugal Hansraj in Swinging that too a subject which has been taboo and the way it’s presented in surprising way is beyond elegance, graceful and implied. All these seasoned actors & more like Aditi Govitrikar, Hiten Tejwani agreed to touch such bold stories as the treatment of such courageous subjects was extremely unique and breathingly relatable to many in world who will agree that good people can show Grey Shades too in odd life circumstances. A new film maker is taking another leap of faith to show that it only takes belief and conviction to pursue your true calling and reach from A to Z and hence, releasing this interconnected tales of anthologies theatrically globally on 12th May (A day when Gunjan lost her daughter and she wants to convey a message that one can convert the worst day of her life in beautiful day too with belief, conviction and perseverance). This film is created with intent to create NRI Bollywood to contribute to millions of creative NRI dreams, who can’t quit their financial, social and visa commitments to explore mumbai.

Gunjan asks the question to creative gurus that is it mandatory to do skin show to touch bold subject stories??? She questions, Which rule book says that WE- The common people want to see soft porn to enjoy thought provoking content. What do you think?


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