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Children belong to schools and playgrounds, not to workshops and factories’ : on World Day Against…

’Children belong to schools and playgrounds, not to workshops and factories’ : on World Day Against Child Labour, UNICEF’s National Ambassador Ayushmann Khurrana comes forward to raise awareness

Young Bollywood star Ayushmann Khurrana has been appointed as UNICEF’s National Ambassador and he has taken it upon himself to raise awareness to eradicate child labour in India.

Today, on World Day Against Child Labour, Ayushmann speaks up about what we can do as a society to protect children. He says, “Millions of children globally are engaged in work that can be mentally, physically, socially, or morally dangerous and harmful to them. It deprives children of their childhood, their potential, their dignity, and is detrimental to their physical and mental development.”

Ayushmann adds, “Child labour robs children of education, limits their life opportunities to prepare and grow up in full capacity. Engaging children in work exposes them to exploitation, violence and abuse. Childhood is a time to learn, and not earn. All children have the right to a safe and labour-free childhood.”

Ayushmann lays out a plan on what we can do individually and as a community to end Child Labour in India. He says, “Children belong to schools and playgrounds, not to workshops, kitchens and factories. Children flourish in a safe, enabling environment and not at work that can be dangerous and harmful for them.

It is our responsibility as adults to help children stay in school and continue learning.”

He adds, “Being in school builds the foundations for knowledge and competencies for a happy childhood and towards a better future. Vocational training provides children with skills that improve their chances to better employment. We must all come together as a society to protect children and eliminate child labour.”

Ayushmann further says, “As responsible citizens, we should not support or employ any form of child labour, and that includes discouraging our businesses and families from employing children. Instances of child labour can be reported to the Child Helpline at 1098 or on the PENCIL (Platform for Effective Enforcement for No Child Labour) portal (


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