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Arthur the King is a film based on a true incident, this film will give you the same experience as a film released in 2009, that film was also based on a true incident, the name of the film was “Hachi A Dog's Tale”.

Both have some similarities as both are films based on the loyalty of dogs and are based on the immense love and loyalty between a human and a dog towards each other. Who knows how many such films have already been made.

As far as I believe, many of those films were based on a fictional story, but the audience also liked them. I liked it a lot but the similarity between these two films is that both of them are based on true events.

Now I would like to talk about the variations of the film. Like a DOG from the film "Hachi" in "Arthur the King" is different like Adventure in that the film depicts a journey which is heavier than adventure whereas in Hachi, it is full of sympathy, sadness, longing for someone to come back and much more,

So let's move on to the story of the film Arthur the King. The film's story begins… Showcasing the bond between a man and a stray dog, Arthur the King tells a heart-warming true story of resilience and companionship .

Based on the real-life experience of Mikael Lindnord, the film emphasizes the strong bond humans have with their canine companions. A competition is held every year by forming teams and families living in a community house society.

In which a team consisting of four people participates, each team has four members. And around 10-15 such teams participate in this competition. The competition is planned with very tough categories which include Wild Forest, Mountains, Climbing, Marathon distance increasing in miles at each level. Main four members in the team.

Starring Mark Wahlberg (Michael), Simu Liu (Leo), Nathalie Emmanuel (Olivia) and Ali Suliman (Chick). And the same stray dog ​​protects these four people from many dangers from the beginning to the end of this competition, shows them the way to go through short cut routes.

The entire film is based on the fact that the adventure in the film was not as effective as it should have been. And there are some scenes which take the story in another direction. However, this film can definitely be watched once. The film is releasing nationwide on March 22nd.

The film is directed by Simon Cellan Jones and produced by Mark Canton and Stephen Levinson. The story and screenplay of the film has been written by Michael Brandt. The main thing is that the adventure and actions scenes of this film have been designed by Bear Grylls.




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