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Film Review: “GADAR 2” - ‘Gadar 2’ is just different from ‘Gadar 1’ like as “Kinnow” and “Orange”.

Ratings: ⭐️⭐️

The film is running in this period only because of Sunny's characters, otherwise it would not have been able to run the most moving animated story and is so boring that it cannot give you the feeling of old Gadar, don't get conscious it's just old memories What most of us wouldn't realize is that this is a typical cheesy Bollywood film Had it released in 90's it would have been a good film.

Dialogues good, music old good, visuals bad, editing bad, action 90's, acting bad except Sunny Deol.

This film is basically to launch new nepo kids and Nothing.

Typical shade of previous movie its better to watch old Gadar than watching this Gadar 2 no story new nothing like watching Gadar same type of movie last 15 to 20 minutes are good but nothing new Not there.

The songs are the same, nothing new, nothing like the previous story.

Editing and dialogues are the worst. repeat story ever. In the first film, Sunny goes to Pakistan to bring back his wife while in the second time, he goes to pick up his son.

Last time wife was in Pakistan, this time son in Pakistan and Sunny Deol on an extradition mission. Over the top cringe action sequence is too long.

Forced changes in the story to give screen time to the director's son.

Unnecessarily an extension of the movie by 25 minutes, didn't like the trailer and didn't even like the movie, dull script and irrational waste of times rather later I could watch the movie on OTT.

for theatre choose OMG 2 instead and save your weekend please Only Sunny Deol was brilliant but his screen time in this film was only 30 to 40 minutes. The film was 2 hours 45 minutes long, 45 minutes full of Sunny Deol's brilliance Gadar 2 disappoints

with its weak story, clichéd characters and poor execution. The attempt to recreate the magic of the original fails, leaving the audience unimpressed. A missed opportunity to deliver a compelling sequel that lives up to the legacy of its predecessor. One thing is for sure the same losers who were trying to boycott SRK's 'Pathan' are going to love this one to watch in cinema which you can see the box office collections for the first it's just because they rigid to watch this film.

Some movies like Gadar don't deserve this kind of sequel, I feel it could have been much better, not even worth watching once. The story got worse. I think that Had the story been that Tara Singh's son fell in love with a Pak spy and she lured him to Pakistan and Tara went to rescue him then good direction and dialogues would have been better. Anyway, Utkarsh is really the worst.

I am diehard fan of Sunny Deol but really disappointed by this Gadar parody. Utkarsh is the lead actress in this film.

There are some scenes of Sunny Deol

Humiliating a country is acceptable for...but violating Islam is clearly outrageous, no spoilers in that, but in the first scene when a Hindu is forced to choose between the Gita and the Quran He chooses the Gita, thereby proving that Hindus love life more than they choose their religion. Can an Indian Muslim not love his country and at the same time love his country and religion, this film is very out of date and misleading in facts and background The once strong chemistry between the characters is awkward and jarring The conversation has turned to a painful reminder of what could have been.

Attempts at suspense and tension fail, and any semblance of excitement is quickly extinguished by the film's slow storytelling. Even the intermission, which is a fleeting moment of respite in most films, is a reminder of the dullness that follows in the second half. Perhaps one of the most disappointing aspects of "Gadar 2" is its failure to build on the rich visual landscape of its predecessor. The cinematography looks uninspiring, the lackluster camera work and dreary locations fail to transport the audience to the world they once fell in love with. The film's visual design is a far cry from the awe-inspiring visuals and evocative imagery that characterized the original "Mutiny".

In conclusion, "Gadar 2" is a pale shadow of its former self, a weak sequel that tarnishes the legacy of its predecessor. With a lack of compelling performances, a disjointed and uninspiring plot, and a failure to capture the essence that made the original film a classic, it stands as a stark reminder that not all stories are meant to be continued.

Fans of the original "Gadar" would do well to avoid this lackluster sequel and cherish their memories of a time when the franchise really shined. It must have been a believable plot but the actual Gadar 2 has some variations.???


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