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Kadak Singh is a thriller film directed by Anirudh Roy Chowdhury starring Pankaj Tripathi and Sanjana Sanghi in lead roles. Pankaj Tripathi has become an officer of the agency investigating financial crimes and his name figures in the scam conspiracy but everyone knows that he is an honest officer...meanwhile an accident occurs...Kadak Singh is not the name of any character, but is a simile given by children to a strict father, which expresses the children's feelings towards their father, but Kadak Singh also reveals the character of a person who, despite losing his memory, remains faithful to his father...he is very focused at work and tries to solve a complicated mystery...Kadak Singh is a thriller which builds slowly...Film Editor is Arghakamal Mitra , Producer Mahesh's story and dialogues written by

Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury and the other Co writer is Viraf Sarkari...and the main part of the film is the screen play by Ritesh Shah.


AK Srivastava AKA Pankaj Tripathi is an officer in the Department of Financial Crimes. My wife passed away in an accident a few years ago. Young daughter Sakshi Sanjana Sanghi and teenage son Aditya Varun Buddhadev. Father and children do not get along at all. AK is investigating the scam of Rs 900 crores of Golden Shine Chit Fund Company, the mastermind of which is Ashok Aggarwal (it is not revealed). AK's team is busy searching for him. Here, Aditya falls into bad company and starts doing drugs and after an accident, he gets caught by the police. Sakshi agrees to bribe the police to save her brother. The police inspector calls him to a cheap hotel to give him the money. AK Shrivastava has also gone there in connection with a raid. AK has a misunderstanding after seeing his daughter with her friend in the hotel. There is an altercation between father and daughter in public. AK Shrivastava feels humiliated and tries to commit suicide in the office. BUT , the fan is saved because it breaks. He recovers, but loses his memory. Some things remain remembered. He forgets his daughter Sakshi, but remembers his son Aditya, whose age he says is five years. After the incident, AK's personality also changes completely. AK Shrivastava who used to be angry and harsh, has now started joking as well...meanwhile, on the basis of a phone call, the department connects him with the scam mastermind Ashok Aggarwal, due to which he gets suspended. Now Sakshi faces the challenge of regaining her father's memory and finding out the truth behind all this.

{Acting, Dialogues, Screenplay }

The storyland of Kadak Singh is the city of Kolkata. Anirudh has written this story by dividing the screenplay of Kadak Singh into different stories. this story is about the main characters of the film having their own personalities about AK Srivastava and the events that happen in the life of the main character of this film.

Sakshi narrates her story to AK Srivastava, revealing that her relationship with her daughter and son has not been good. He doesn't give them time. He is immersed in his work and the investigation of the Rs 900 crore Golden Shine chit fund scam. The second story is narrated by his girlfriend Naina, which reveals their first meeting and their relationship. It also comes to light that AK Srivastava cares about his children, even if he does not tell them. Here the image of his responsible father emerges. The third story is narrated by AK's boss Tyagi. Through this story, the theory of AK's alleged suicide and his name being linked to the scam comes to light, which suggests that AK has some connection with the main accused in the scam. Pankaj Tripathi plays the double role of AK Srivastava. AK before the accident and AK after has succeeded in keeping both the personalities completely separate. The scene of Pankaj's argument with his daughter in public is excellent. Sanjana Sanghi is fine in the role of Sakshi....She has succeeded in portraying how the daughter, who is angry with her father, is trying to get to the bottom of the conspiracy against her after the accident. Dilip Shankar excels in the character of Tyagi who is always smiling. His personality adds to the mystery. Jaya Ehsaan has brought out the emotional side of the character of AK Srivastava's female friend Naina on screen with ease. The scenes of the first meeting with AK Srivastava in the restaurant are interesting...another character who impresses is that of the nurse Miss Kannan, played by Parvathy Thiruvothu. She has some important scenes with Pankaj Tripathi. Paresh Pahuja has played the character of Arjun very well.


The film duration is 128-minute long film takes a while to pick up the pace....few of part bit slow but more griping the film story is four parts...which is largely depends on the acting of Pankaj Tripathi...It has been made exciting through the screenplay. Watching this film once will do justice to the film.





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