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Pathaan is a tentpole event film that is perfectly packaged with right dose of action, thrill, drama

Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Pathaan is a tentpole event film that is perfectly packaged with the right dose of action, thrill, emotion and drama. Director Siddharth Anand with screenplay writer, Shridhar Raghavan, ensure that the narrative is fast paced with high points at regular intervals. Shah Rukh Khan’s introductory sequence is easily among the best in his career.

Pathan is a full on bang on action packed movie with excellent VFX! It was just exhilarating watching our favourite superstars doing some amazing actions. And our Srk and John did amazing! And I will continue to watch the old actors because the new actors still doesn’t have what they have even after 30 years, even after ageing. Cos they are just like fine wine!

So instead of criticising for just some 500 bucks,  like you paid some 100 grand to see the movie,  go and enjoy our dearest comeback of our beloved SRK!

NOTE: one thing I would like to say...about the movie John was a the Hero of the film, with all that tattoos and that costume. He was the one always looking superior to SRK.

He performs well in action scenes, and songs. Dialogues was well written but somewhat comedy dialogues does not have that timing and swag. They do not fit well in between the action scenes.

The introductory scene of every key character – SRK, Deepika, John and Salman – has been done with perfection. The music, especially Besharam Rang, is chartbuster with spectacular

The story takes a different turn in the second half to bring in the element of drama and emotion, as it gives Pathaan’s character a personal arc to rise and roar above all the odds. The action sequences in the film are the biggest that we have seen in a Hindi film till date – both in terms of vision and execution. Right from the introduction block of SRK to the fight scene in Spain, the pre-interval block in Russia, the case sequence on the ice and the climax – it’s all a delight to watch on the big screen. YRF ensures that the production values are top notch with no compromises made in any aspect to mount the film at a certain level.

He is presented like a true-blue superstar of Indian Cinema and deserves every bit of the manner in which he is projected on screen. It’s a celebration of a man named Shah Rukh Khan. John’s character also has an interesting arc, which one might not have expected through the pre-release assets. Ditto for Deepika Padukone’s character.

The interval block also has a twist, which gives the audience the loo break to put their thinking caps on.

Talking of Salman Khan’s cameo as Tiger, every minute he is on the screen warrants a hooting from the audience. The camaraderie shared by the two mighty Khan’s through the prolonged action sequence just tells us why they are two of the greatest superstars of Indian Cinema. The union of Pathaan and Tiger is worth all the hype. The easter egg to Karan Arjun is a masterstroke and sure to get the loudest cheer.

#SRK BLOW UP THE SCREEN with his Intensity & Charm.

#SidharthAnand direction is EXCELLENT.. His story telling & narration is Fantastic.. Supremely fast paced screenplay keeps the viewers on the edge of their seat throughout. There are 5-6 elevation scenes in #Pathaan which’ll get thunderous claps and whistles from the audience.

#ShahRukhKhan performance is OUTSTANDING.

He brings tremendous swag , charm & humor in his character of a spy which set him apart from rest. He shines in both action & emotional scenes. #JohnAbhraham repeats his Dhoom Magic again, #DeepikaPadukone in Superb form.

Overall #Pathaan is an Engrossing & immensely entertaining Visual Spectacle which’ll get both Mass and Class audience patronage in a BIG WAY.. On Box office front it should do minimum 300 cr nett at & 350 - 400 cr cannot be ruled out as well. Go have a blast in theaters.

#ShahRukhKhan YRF - Yash Raj Films

First of all haters gonna hate, rotis gonna rotate ! First of all, its a movie and it is supposed to be entertaining not a brainstorming session. It is not supposed to feed your brains with knowledge, rather make your adrenaline rush to see your favourite stars put their heart and soul into making you want to whistle, and make some noise. Those who are calling the crowd chapri for hooting, well what exactly is your point? To sit like we are watching some tutorial with pin drop silence??

SRK might not be making anymore movies like baazigar or DDLJ because today’s generation aren’t as romantic as those in 80s,90s and what’s wrong with looking young? What is wrong in having a six packs even at this age? When tom cruise has it, or Leonardo has it or will smith has it most famous korean actors are 40 and 50 plus- you guys are going bonkers over them but when our own SRK does it, you are criticising?

LAST 20 Mins & SALMAN KHAN  Cameo creates MASS HYSTERIA.


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