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Mahabharata - The Epic Tale...Play Written & Directed by Puneet Issar...

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

The brief article blog of the play - "Mahabharata The Epic Tale Story" at Nehru Centre Auditorium - Mumbai

16th July 2022

Credit : Book My Show

Blog by : Suyash Pachauri - Founder & Owner of 'Director's Daily Clapboard'

Relevant at every stage of one’s life, the lessons from the Mahabharata can never be outdated. Mahabharata - The Epic Tale Theatre Play at Mumbai’s Nehru Centre Auditorium, titled Mahabharat - The Epic Tale, is set to deliver many lessons again. This time the focus is on the friendship of Duryodhana and Karna that defies the caste and class issues.

There have been many dances, dramas, television shows and films made on the great Indian epic, the Mahabharat. We all have seen the BR Chopra’s Mahabharata and also the recent Ekta Kapoor one.

But what I saw a few days back was above the two Mahabharata's. I am talking about the theatre production “Mahabharata: The epic tale” written and directed by the very talented film, television and theatre stalwart Puneet Issar Produced By Rahul Bhuchar .

Mahabharat or Mahabharata, as it is called in English, is considered a great Indian epic for its many layers and depth. It might appear as just a story of enmity between two warring cousins if observed from a distance. But a deeper look reveals that it is a summary of all types of human behavior and their actions.

This also enables the story to be told from the point of view of any character(s). Actor, writer and director Puneet Issar’s Hindi play Mahabharata: The Epic Tale is a retelling of the epic through the perspective of Karna and Duryodhana, two friends who shared a bond as close as siblings.

It is impossible to narrate the whole Mahabharata in just under three hours. Hence, the playwright has to choose and pick some key incidents from the epic and form a smooth narrative.

Since the onus is on Karna’s character, the consequences of him being abandoned by Kunti right after his birth, the curse of Parasuraman and his rejuvenation through the hands of Duryodhana forms the base here.

Siddhant Issar As Young Duryodhana & Suyash Pachauri

Mahabharata - The Epic Tale - Siddhant Issar

Siddhant Issar is an Indian Artist, Actor, Writer, Director, Theatre Performer and Independent Content Creator...

Siddhant is the son of Film Industry veteran Puneet Issar.

He comes from a renowned family of Indian film makers and famous actors. So acting and film-making is in the heart of Siddhant.

He was born on 19 May, 1990 in Juhu, Mumbai and has been passionate about films since he was a child. Siddhant’s mother, Deepali Issar is a spiritual healer. her elder sister, Nivruti Issar she is an architect.

Siddhant Issar effectively portrays the role of “Duryodhana” in Magnum opus live theatre play – “Mahabharat An Epic Tale”. Completing more than100 shows between 2018 and 2022,

it remains India’s most successful live theatre play.

The young actor with his energy and range of performance, has been regarded as the show stealer of this classic style Broadway adaptation of the Mahabharat. The play also includes many other legendary actors. Apart from being an actor par excellence, in personal life Siddhant is an animal lover. He is associated with several NGOs which are involved in rehabilitation of stray animals. The Issar family runs a Gau Shala in Goa where they house abandoned and old cows.

And....How can we forget to write about my Favorite Character in this epic play Rahul Bhuchar he is one of the finest actor...such a humble & very down to earth person i realy likes his acting...

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What’s noteworthy is that despite justifying few of Karna and Duryodhana’s acts and showing their good sides, it still convincingly highlights the importance of the victory of dharma [good] over adharma [evil].

Yashodan Rana Who Plays Lord Krishna Bears A Striking Resemblance To Nitish Bharadwaj

This was also possible through the exploration of Krishna’s character and its brilliant execution by actor Yashodhan Rana. I had my doubts about accepting someone other than Nitish Bhardwaj as Krishna but I am glad Rana proved me wrong.

Mahabharat: The Epic Tale is a visual treat that boasts of grand and massy presentation. The use of elaborate sets, digital screen in the background, songs and dance and the exciting entry scenes of Karna, Duryodhana and Krishna make it a spectacle of sorts. Krishna showing his Virat Avatar is the moment of the play.

Gufi Paintal As Shakuni Mama & Suyash Pachauri

All time greatest Man our beloved Gufi Paintal Ji no one can replace him as in his Iconic role As Shakuni Mama from last 35 years he is legend...whenever I miss Rishi Kapoor ji , I Personally call Gufi ji and talk to him & if i get a chance to meet him i hugged him many times cuz he was too closed with rishi ji since he worked togather in Rafoo Chakkar.

All history and mythology is based on cause and effect. “Mahabharata: The epic tale” deals with the primary emotional and psychological causes that are the genesis of this destructive war. This play deals with three main characters, Duryodhana , Karna and Draupadi , who were the pivotal causes of the conflict. For the first time in history, unravels the selfless and unconditional friendship and loyalty between Duryodhana and Karna. This dance drama presents the point of view of these two characters and highlights the causes that led to the annihilating war,

Bringing the epic alive on stage was not easy at all. The play has 24 dynamic actors, 15 junior artistes includes crews members , and around 8 dancers along with mesmerizing music.

While I watched the play with delight, it appeared to me as if I was watching a film on stage with actors coming out of the film and performing live in front of me. The show has some great use of technology, LED screens and 3D backdrops of the Kurukshetra war. The key moment when Krishna reveals his virat roop (universal form) is totally spellbinding and enthralling.

The planet has witnessed destruction based on the whims of a few people. In this dance drama, the narrative is done via Dharti Maa (Mother Earth) played beautifully by the renowned TV actress Meghna Malik, who explains no matter what the causes have been, the end effect has always been the same: destruction of the planet and mankind. the other cast Harleen Rekhi As Draupadi & Deeksha Raina As Kunti

Mahabharata - The Epic Tale...Play Written & Directed by Puneet Issar...

Blog by : Suyash Pachauri

Founder & Owner of 'Director's Daily Clapboard'


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