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“A warrior who has lost everything still possesses the most potent weapon – the power to choose how to respond. In every defeat, the seeds of a new beginning are sown.”


Guided by this profound philosophy, Suyash Pachauri, a luminary in the film industry, has carved a remarkable path with his extraordinary flair for direction and cinematic analysis. Originating from the vibrant city of Mumbai, Suyash’s journey, woven with a multifaceted upbringing and marked by the poignant loss of both parents early in life, has become the very fabric of his cinematic narrative.

Confronted with the tragic loss, Suyash emerged as a resilient warrior, facing life with positivity and strength. Beyond his individual accomplishments, Suyash Pachauri stands as a distinguished movie reviewer and influential force in the film industry. His journey, taking an unexpected turn from being an executive for PRIYAGOLD to a decade-long engagement with BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha -  "AKSHARDHAM" (New Delhi), reveals the depth of his resilience and positive navigation through life’s challenges.

Venturing into the world of cinema, Suyash’s five-year tenure as a PR-Administrator and event planner for celebrities, sports players, and television shows provided a foundation for his leap into the realms of direction and filmmaking. Enrolled in the Indian Film and Television Directors’ Association (IFTDA), he earned his professional degree, now fine-tuning his skills in editing.

Ascending rapidly in the film industry, Suyash has become a pivotal member of FWICE and holds a longstanding association with the Nadiadwala Brothers, testament to his unwavering passion and dedication to the craft. Simultaneously, as the visionary founder of Stellar Universe Productions, Suyash Pachauri is poised to redefine storytelling in the cinematic cosmos.

Currently, Suyash Pachauri’s cinematic journey is reaching its zenith with the impending release of his feature film, ‘Karma Strikes.’ Serving as an Executive Producer and Associate Director , the film was shot against the scenic backdrops of America and the heart of Mumbai. This cinematic gem is poised to soon grace major OTT platforms, marking a promising new chapter in Suyash’s illustrious career.

But the excitement doesn’t end there. Suyash is preparing to unveil his directorial skills in the compelling feature film ‘Puppet Master’ and the enthralling short film ‘The Girl Who Lives with a Ghost,’ taking on the role of Executive Producer. With these projects set to captivate audiences on various digital platforms, it’s evident that Suyash’s tireless marketing efforts are bearing fruit, further solidifying his diverse and impactful presence in the world of cinema.

As a final note, the multitalented Suyash is gearing up to produce his first movie, ‘Meeraj,’ under the banner of ‘Stellar Universe Productions.’ This film, both written and directed by him, delves into the delicate yet firm relations of a husband and wife—a love pendant woven in the thread of trust. The young producer is all set to independently launch this promising cinematic venture.

Embark on a captivating cinematic odyssey with Stellar Universe Productions! Join us in this cosmic journey as we redefine storytelling in the realm of cinema. As a discerning movie aficionado, your taste and passion for the art of filmmaking make you an integral part of this celestial expedition.




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