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6 game-changing social campaigns by ZEE5 that sparked conversations!

6 game-changing social campaigns by ZEE5 that sparked conversations!

In an era where entertainment brands are increasingly aligning with social impacts and societal changes, ZEE5, India and Bharat’s largest home-grown video streaming platform, has emerged as a trailblazer through its #ZEE5GameChangers campaign. This distinctive initiative seeks to entertain and instigate positive change by addressing crucial social issues.

The entire campaign stands as a transformative force in the entertainment industry, erasing boundaries between screens to create a positive impact on society. It underscores ZEE5's dedication to not only entertain but also contribute to social welfare, making a significant difference in the lives of individuals and communities. Let's explore the impactful campaigns that have successfully bridged the gap from the screen to society, leaving a lasting imprint on real-world challenges.

1. Lakadbaggha – Collars for compassion

As part of the #ZEE5GameChangers initiative, the Lakadbaggha PR campaign shines as a symbol of compassion toward our canine companions, mirroring the film's storyline. The ZEE5 team designed protective collars for stray dogs, prioritizing their safety and overall welfare. Subsequently, these collars were donated to the NGO committed to animal well-being, instilling a sense of duty and care for our furry friends. This campaign was initiated to address the central theme of the movie, which revolves around an animal-loving vigilante uncovering illegal animal trade. The protective collars for stray dogs symbolize compassion, aligning with the film's focus on animal welfare. The campaign aimed to extend the movie's message of empathy towards animals to real-life situations.

2. Jaanbaaz Hindustan Ke - Bridging the gap between police and community

ZEE5 made a groundbreaking move through Jaanbaaz Hindustan Ke by bringing onboard Kiran Bedi – India’s first and highest woman ranking officer for a fireside chat with the show’s leading lady and reel life IPS officer, Regina Cassandra. The objective was to provide insights into the duties, responsibilities, challenges and bravery of women officers in uniform and strengthen the bond between law enforcement and the community. This campaign was driven by the movie's plot, where IPS officer Kavya Iyer investigates a nationwide bomb attack. The fireside chat with Kiran Bedi was a strategic move to provide insights into the real-life challenges faced by women officers, fostering a connection between the police and the community, much like the on-screen portrayal of a brave IPS officer.

3. Chhatriwali – Empowering the slums through education

Rakul Preet, the versatile actress, undertook a mission to empower the underprivileged by educating them on sex education. This campaign involved distributing books on sex education, placing a crucial emphasis on the importance of sex education for all age groups and strata of society. This initiative aimed to empower the underprivileged, aligning with the movie's mission of educating the underprivileged on sex education. Rakul Preet's involvement in distributing books on sex education reflects the film's focus on breaking societal taboos and providing valuable resources to marginalized communities.

4. Prema Vimanam – Movie magic for orphaned hearts

Prema Vimanam’s initiative soared to new heights with an exclusive trailer launch for the children of an orphanage. Bringing the enchantment of cinema into their lives, ZEE5 curated a memorable experience, aiming to spark joy and bring out a meaningful connection with those who may often feel marginalized. The film's narrative follows two ambitious kids hailing from a remote village. Despite their humble surroundings, these two youngsters dream of boarding a flight, symbolizing aspirations beyond boundaries.

5. Tarla – Celebrating unsung heroes

Seeking to achieve something significant in life, Tarla Dalal rebels against societal expectations to empower herself and other women through the art of cooking. Playing a significant role in the movie, Huma Qureshi took the lead in the Tarla campaign, a heartfelt initiative dedicated to honoring dabbawallas – the often-unsung heroes of Mumbai's lunchbox delivery system. Collaborating with The Good Community of female entrepreneurs, this campaign celebrated the unwavering spirit of these dedicated individuals. The event, graced by many prominent females, underscored the significance of acknowledging and appreciating the everyday heroes within our society.

6. Duranga - Empowering women in Law Enforcement

Duranga Season 2, a groundbreaking series by ZEE5, took a bold initiative, featuring the star cast alongside the female police force at New Delhi Headquarters, brought together ace actors Amit Sadh and Drashti Dhami, director Rohan Sippy, and Abhirup Datta, Head of AVOD Marketing at ZEE5. This engaging interaction delved into the real-world struggles and successes of women in law enforcement, aligning seamlessly with the series' central theme. The campaign aimed not only to inspire but also to recognize the remarkable contributions of women in this field, echoing the empowering narrative portrayed in Duranga Season 2.


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