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The film Munjya is a horror comedy film presented by Dinesh Vijan and Amar Kaushik and directed by Aditya Sarpotdar.


The story of the film is something like this, in the year 1959, a small village of Maharashtra, a village of middle class small families and towns, where a boy (Munjya) falls in love with a girl 7 years older than him and if we talk about love, it was not love. It was obsession. Rejecting his stubbornness, his mother tries to make him understand but when he does not understand, she beats him with a stick, but the child (Munjya) had a different evil nature and he was adamant that he wanted to marry only Munni and wanted to get her at any cost.

The mother of that child (Munjya) was going to get married on the same day. That child (Munjya) should not do anything wrong or create any hindrance. His mother immediately calls a Pandit in the village and gets his head shaved.

Munni gets married and that very night the boy (Munjya) takes his sister to a cursed place called Chatokwadi to sacrifice her in front of the devil under the cursed tree. So that (Munjya) can fulfill his aim through black magic. He wanted to sacrifice his sister with a wrong intention.

But somehow the sister escapes. And due to a little scuffle and defense, Munjiya falls and his head hits the stone idol of the devil under the cursed tree and Munjiya dies in a short while under that cursed tree.

All the people of the village reach the spot and see that the Brahmin boy (Munjya) had his head shaved. And if he dies within 10 days, then his soul takes the form of Brahmarajas. Considering this, the family and all the people of the village, the Brahmin priest perform the last rites of that child there and bury his ashes under the same tree. From here the story progresses which you can watch by going to the theater.


Everyone's acting in this film is okay, there is nothing much to say about the acting of each character. Everyone performed their acting based on the script, which I think is fine, everyone's dialogues are the same, all actors have the same screen time in this film.

The main actors in the film are Sharwari Wagh (Bela), Abhay Verma (Bittu), Mona Singh (Bittu's mother), Suhas Joshi (Bittu's granny), Richard Lovat (Kuba), Sthyaraj, Reema Chaudhary (Mahua). I don't want to say anything special about all of them. Everyone has done their work well.

As you all know Maddock film, earlier also some such films have been made like Stree, Stree 2, Roohi and Bhediya, Munjya is a 2024 Indian Hindi-language supernatural comedy horror film, directed by Aditya Sarpotdar and produced by Dinesh Vijan and Amar Kaushik under Maddock Films banner. This is the fifth film of Maddock Supernatural Universe, the story of the film is written by Niren Bhatt, Yogesh Chandekar, and Tushar Ajgaonkar. The film has been shot in the location of the film, some coastal areas of Pune Maharashtra and Konkan coastal area. Shraddha Kapoor and Varun Dhawan have played a special glimpse in the film. Which you will be able to see in the post credit.

I have only one complaint in the film and that is the story of the film is quite ordinary. The script of the film seemed a bit weak. There are no punch lines in the film. The dialogues are so weak that even if you feel like laughing, you will not be able to laugh. The screenplay of the film is not gripping at all. I don't know about other people but I will definitely say that the biggest reason for the failure of this film is poor writing, incomplete scenes, the story and screenplay of the film were weak. I am not just talking about incomplete scenes, I will tell you each scene in detail. Which were very important to complete, the biggest reason for the breaker of this film will be the writing and editing of this film.


There are many places where the scene started but it was neither completed properly nor was it shown further in the film.

• When Bittu and his friend go to find out about Munni on Munjia's request, the old Munni is sitting on a chair. That scene was cut but not shown in the film later. (Incomplete scene)

• When Munjia attacks Kuba, he was in a very painful condition. He brought to the hospital then after It was not shown anywhere later in the film, while the writer of the film showed Kuba and Bela's love relationship, even the two were about to get married. Kuba agreed to all of Bela's conditions. and he specifically came to propose her in (Hindi) Which made the audience laugh a lot…Still Kuba was not shown in any scene later. (Incomplete scene)

• Munjia; Munjia's obsession for Munni is visible throughout the film, while in the second part of the film, Munjia suddenly says, get him married to Bela. He was obsessed with Munni. He killed so many people of his own blood relation and here in a second he changed immediately, how can the writer show such a flipper to such a stubbornness evil person. Your film title is on (Munjya)…your entire film is based on (Munjya-Munni) angle. how can you play with Munjya’s Character. (Incomplete scene)

• In the film, Bela's love for Kuba and close friendship with Bittu is the same, where throughout the film, Bela wants to spend her life with Bittu, she even thinks of calling Kuba to break up with him, at the end of the film, Bittu proposes to Bela in person and she plans to go out of the country (Incomplete scene)

• When Munjya is kept in a white powder circle under the control of Sathayjeet, there Bittu's cousin sister Mahua inspects Munjya, when she comes into Munjya's fake drama, in the next scene Munjya (possessed Bela) is out of the white powder circle. It is shown. Where did Mahua go, what happened to her, was neither shown nor told. The writer's writing is very disappointing. (Incomplete scene)

• There are many more facts about which I would not like to talk here. If I talk about horror comedy, then Aranmanai 4 is still running in theaters, if the public wants to watch a film of this genre, then they would like to watch “Aranmanai 4” and “Munjya


Still, this film can be watched once, now it depends on the audience whether they will like to watch it in the cinema or wait for the OTT release of this film.




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