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“I had a gut feeling that something was really wrong, he was cheating on me!” Sunny Leone opens up about a broken engagement in MTV Splitsvilla X5

ExSqueeze Me Please Latest Episode

MTV Splitsvilla X5: ExSqueeze Me Please explodes into action as the Splitsvillains along with hosts Sunny Leone, and Tanuj Virwani engage in lively banter, kindling sparks of deeper connections.

Siwet's heartfelt apology to Akriti sets the stage for the beginning of a true friendship between them. Anicka and Siwet found themselves blushing when caught red-handed wearing each other’s jackets. Drama ensues as Sunny challenges Yuvraj to roast a contestant, triggering a fiery exchange with Addy.

The episode takes an emotional turn when Sunny not only consoles Dewangini, but also pours her heart out while recalling her own heartbreaking story of a broken engagement and of overcoming betrayal. “I also was engaged once, before I met my husband. I had a gut feeling that something was wrong and something was really wrong, he was cheating on me! I just asked him if he loved me anymore and he’s like “no I don’t love you anymore.”

This was two months before our wedding. A destination wedding in Hawaii, dress was picked, everything was done, paid money and all. And it was like the worst feeling ever, then god does amazing things and he sends an angel, my current husband. Who was there when my mom passed away when my dad passed away. And has been here since. There is a bigger, greater plan for you and you deserve the best.”

As Tanuj sneakily nudges Akriti about her love connections with any Splitsvillain, she subtly hints at Jashwanth. The Queen of Hearts spices things up and proposes a ‘Bicep Challenge’, instantly ramping up the pulse in the villa. Jashwanth effortlessly lifts Akriti, showcasing his impressive muscles. This sizzling squeeze of a moment is so adorable and fiery that it sparks whispers in the villa.

Ameha’s bold confession to be with Dev Karan is a perfect moment for Sunny to suggest a romantic dance for the duo. Making things even hotter, the new King of Hearts, Tanuj, introduces a twist with a hula hoop, intensifying the passion and closeness. As the beat drops and vibes heat up, it feels like a match made in ‘Reality TV’ heaven.

In the Ex-Isle villa, exes add to the drama as they watch what is happening in the main villa. Prompted by the King and Queen, contestants reflect on past relationships, bringing up secrets and tensions. As Siwet and Yuvraj clash, tensions peak.

The following day, contestants gather for the season's first-ever challenge, greeted by the Queen and King of Hearts. Sunny drops the bombshell, announcing the top 3 boys with the most bands will face off in the challenge to choose a girl they vibe with the least.

Uorfi's dramatic entrance promises to shake up the dynamics and keep the audience on the edge of their seats!

To stay on top of what happens next, tune into MTV Splitsvilla X5: ExSqueeze Me Please this Saturday & Sunday at 7 pm on MTV and Jio Cinema simultaneously.


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