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IIT Student “Arvind Kejriwal” accused of rape in 1987.

Arvind Kejriwal was doing engineering from IIT Kharagpur from 1985-89. In June 1987, when he was in second year, he raped a local girl. A case was registered and he was in jail. Therefore jail is nothing new for him. He is a big liar and anti-Hindu. He is a crypto Christian and a person with communist ideology.

The prestigious Indian institute of technology (IIT) campus was shocked with the news of one its students being accused of raping a local girl. The student has been detained by the police and taken for questioning after police visited the campus and found him hiding in his hostal room.

Police said that the student 19 years old boy named ‘’Arvind Kejriwal” had gone out with friends on Friday night for party but didn’t return to the hostel.

All his friends had come back by late hours of Saturday but “Arvind Kejriwal” return only on Sunday* night.

Meanwhile a case was registered in Gopalnagar police station by a girl who accused a student of raping her. She produced the identity card of the accused which was of Arvind Kejriwal and that is how police reached IIT campus to arrest the accused.


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