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India trusts Rohit Sharma, Ayushmann Khurrana & Alia Bhatt when it comes to travel!

If you look closely at the brand endorsement portfolio of Rohit Sharma, Ayushmann Khurrana and Alia Bhatt, one thing resonates strongly - these three individuals are the most trusted brands in India today!

For example, all three endorse travel companies! Rohit endorses Booking. com, Alia endorses Make My Trip & Ayushmann endorses Agoda!

“Travel companies historically have only associated with names that are the most trusted individuals of our country. The reason - the people of India would want someone they can trust to endorse a platform that sorts out their vacation and travel needs,” says a brand equity expert.

“Travel is a very sensitive category because people are very choosy about how they want to go on their trips. They would want to go on to the most trustworthy company to make these crucial decisions. A trusted brand endorser makes the platforms more trustworthy in the eyes of the people,” the expert adds.

For this reason, Rohit - an icon of India who is also the captain of Indian cricket team, Alia - the most loved actress of our times and Ayushmann - the most credible Bollywood star, fits the bill perfectly.


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