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Like films, my music will also leave people with a feeling that it’s different! : Ayushmann Khurrana

Young Bollywood star Ayushmann Khurrana is winning love from all quarters for his new single Raatan Kaaliyan. A true actor-artiste of India who has won acclaim in movies as well as music, Ayushmann is happy that being different has become his calling card! Raatan Kaaliyan is again a departure from the routine sound emerging from Bollywood which is being appreciated by audiences.

About the success of the song, Ayushmann says, “I’m very happy with the response to Raatan Kaaliyan and it is amazing to see how people want me to sing more frequently.

I want to do that starting this year. The purist in me will always choose films and music that are slightly varied from what people usually consume.”

He adds, “It’s always amazing to get love and appreciation for my music as it is very close to my heart. I have always considered myself an actor and an artiste and I love how these two things define who I’m today. They have created my identity as a creator who wants to disrupt.”

Ayushmann says he will always look to find distinct and unique films and singles to creatively collaborate on. “Like films, my music will also leave people with a feeling that it’s different from the rest. I know this has become my calling card and I treasure it immensely,” he says.

The actor is called Mr. Original in India, given his fresh choice of films and music. He explains why he always chooses to swim against the tide.

He says, “I have always believed that there is space for everyone, every genre, every style of films and music if it’s entertaining. That’s the true litmus test. Today is the age of creators and they will always find their audience is they are true to their craft. I try to stay true to mine.”

Ayushmann adds, “If my films and music have managed to hold people’s attention and they have engaged and cherished them, it’s great! I wish to stay different from the pack and entertain India in a way that’s best known to me.”


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