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MTV Splitsvilla’s couples that gave us major couple goals

As the new season, MTV Splitsvilla X5 is about to air, let us look back at couples who left an indelible mark on viewers. From heartwarming confessions to graceful recoveries, the show introduced us to couples whose journeys transcended the screen. Here, we revisit the top five moments that were a perfect match!

  1. Priyank & Divya - Priyank and Divya, popularly known as #Divyank, captured hearts as the adorable couple in 'MTV Splitsvilla X.' Priyank couldn't hold back his tears upon Divya's elimination, leaving an unforgettable moment for fans across the nation.. #Divyank remains a benchmark for relationship goals on the show.

  1. Sakshi & Justin - Despite not being a ‘Perfect Match’ on the show Sakshi and Justin remained steadfast in their commitment, weathering challenges when others attempted to disrupt their relationship. Amidst ups and downs, they managed to rediscover each other. A particularly endearing moment unfolded during a dome session where they openly confessed their love. Their enduring relationship continues to thrive, showcasing the strength of their bond.

  1. Pallak & Nikhil - Nikhil and Pallak, the ultimate power couple from MTV Splitsvilla X3, owned the season despite challenges and drama. They faced it all – fights, attempts to break their connection – yet, they're still going strong, deeply in love. The audience couldn't help but go 'aww' at their cute moments, especially the morning after a fight when they shared a heartwarming swimming pool date. In a later task, 'Dil Hain Ke Janta Nahi,' Nikhil aced seven consecutive answers about Pallak, solidifying their enduring connection they're still treating their fans with the cutest pics for fans, giving a peek into their love story that began on MTV Splitsvilla X3. 

  1. Utkarsh & Sana - Utkarsh and Sana's unforgettable moment on the finale task truly defined as an ideal match. As they gracefully danced together, the unexpected wardrobe malfunction could have disrupted the performance. He gently carried Sana to the side, allowing her to fix her dress without missing a beat. What followed was a heartwarming display of deep understanding. Utkarsh, determined to keep the audience engaged; continued dancing with remarkable poise, distracting attention from Sana. When Sana returned, their seamless synchronization and the genuine hug showcased a couple that navigated challenges with grace and strengthened their bond in the process. They truly set the bar for relationship goals in that memorable MTV Splitsvilla moment.

  1. Roshni & Anshuman - ‘Queen of hearts’ Sunny Leone was all in for Anshuman and Roshni, the absolute cuties in MTV Splitsvilla XI! Their adorable and quirky vibe stole everyone's hearts. People couldn't get enough of #Roshman and their sweet efforts for each other. The ultimate highlight was when the oracle declared them an ideal match – that moment made everyone's heart do a happy dance, officially validating their love. Even though #Roshman didn't bag the show's win, they totally won over the audience's hearts!

With each season, MTV Splitsvilla sets a new level of perfect matches and we expect nothing less from MTV Splitsvilla X5 looking forward to Sunny Leone and Tanuj Virwani hosting the season.


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