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Shoutout to the first guy who started Kayan Supremacy” says Kayan as she spills the beans onVh1 Popcurry Rice

Vh1 continues to lead the charge in celebrating the cutting-edge talent shaping the Indian pop scene with Vh1 Popcurry Rice. The all-new show spotlights the dynamic and innovative world of Indian independent artists, showcasing their unique journeys and vibrant music. The latest episode of Vh1 Popcurry featured the talented musician and singer, Kayan.

In this episode, Kayan revealed the story behind the trending ‘Kayan Supremacy’ saying, “I was at a show once in Bangalore and someone held up a phone sign that said Kayan Supremacy and it was a domino effect after that. Shoutout to the first guy who started it on my show!”

She also opened up about her biggest musical influences. When asked about her influence, she said, “I think some of my biggest music influences are definitely Jorja Smith. Over the years it’s been a lot of pop music when I was growing up and a lot of Pop punk, so it was Avril Lavigne, Green Day, Miley Cyrus, and currently Charlie XCX.”

Kayan also revealed her unique pre-show ritual, saying, “My pre-show ritual is to freak out, I don’t like talking to anyone before the show I like being calm and by myself and I will probably eat fruits, get on stage and I am a completely different person then I just do my thing.”

Catch this episode of Vh1 Popcurry Rice for an exclusive sneak peek of her song, ‘Attention,’ and to learn more about Kayan's journey and inspirations.

_*Catch local pop served hot only on Vh1 Popcurry Rice every Saturday at 12pm and Repeats on Monday 8pm and Thursday 1pm*_


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