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To see Maharashtrian folklore being celebrated & Munjya becoming a hit makes me very happy!’ : Sharvari

Gorgeous rising star of Bollywood, Sharvari, is thrilled that Maharashtrian folklore is being celebrated at the box office as Munjya scores 20.04 crore in just 3 days! Trade is celebrating Munjya as a huge hit that is bringing the cheer back at the box office.

Sharvari is basking after delivering her first big hit with Munjya. This is the second film of her career and the industry has pegged her as the next big star of the Hindi film industry.

Sharvari is Maharashtrian and she is delighted to see how her folklore is pulling people to the theatres.

She says, “I’m a proud Maharashtrian so to see this unanimous love & appreciation for a film that is rooted in Marashtrian folklore is a very nice feeling. To see Maharashtrian folklore being celebrated on a national level and becoming a hit film makes me very happy.”

About the incredible box office run of Munjya, an elated Sharvari says, “Munjya is off to a flyer at the box office and I have to admit that I’m over the moon right now. To have a big success under my belt is, of course, a huge confidence booster for me. My social media is flooded with love from across the country. That too is a huge validation for my work.”

She adds, “I was tentative about how my first big dance number Taras in Munjya would be received by the audience and to see that people are dancing on it and enjoying the song in theatres is very encouraging for me. Growing up, I was the one glued to the big screen watching the big dance numbers play at the end of the movie. To see that people are now enjoying my song at theatres, hits differently.”


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