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’I take time off my calendar to engage with aspiring creative minds!’ : Tahir Raj Bhasin…

Not many know this but actor Tahir Raj Bhasin takes time off from his calendar to meet and interact with film students across the country through the year!

He explains, “When I’m not shooting, I’m looking forward to every opportunity to meet and interact with film students. I love the energy and the ambition that they have and the zest they bring to the table wanting to disrupt and push the cinematic envelope of our country.”

Tahir adds, “Having been in the industry for sometime now, I would love to give youngsters all the knowledge that I have accumulated so that they could benefit from it. If my experience aids them even 1 percent in shaping their career in the movie industry, I would be happy. As a human being, I believe that knowledge is meant to be shared. It only grows and evolves when it’s shared and discussed with like-minded people.”

Tahir is a total outsider to Bollywood who has carved a niche for himself because of his brilliant acting talent. He says, “I really love to meet the next generation of actors, directors and technicians because they have so many ideas to share. I ensure I take time off my calendar to engage with them creatively just like what I have done recently for a batch of students for an FTII course in Ladakh!”

Tahir adds, “I have been blessed to have found seniors who have guided me in this industry. I had zero connections. I’m not from any film family. And these connections made me thrive and navigate the film industry. I want to do the same for those looking to work in our beautiful film fraternity. Who knows they might end up directing me or working with me! That would be really special!”


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