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Vaarun Bhagat describes "It is the age of the actors: We Are In The Perfect Age In The Perfect Tim….

*Vaarun Bhagat describes "It is the age of the actors: We Are In The Perfect Age In The Perfect Time In the Perfect Industry*"

Vaarun Bhagat is one of those actors in the Bollywood industry who has paved his way and made a name for himself with his remarkable acting skills. The actor has always met the director's expectations and entertained his audience with back-to-back performances. Now, the actor discusses how we live in an era of actors and filmmakers.

Vaarun Bhagat feels that Bollywood has been one of those industries that has always welcomed new talents and given them opportunities to prove themselves. Vaarun believes that now is the time for actors and filmmakers to tell their stories, saying, "The one thing that came good out of the lockdown was the OTT platform boom. This gave many of us, including myself, the chance and opportunity we were looking for to express ourselves through our stories. We've recently seen so many bold filmmakers as well as actors who want to do something hatke, and tell unconventional stories, and thanks to the audiences for loving these stories and appreciating new talents"

The actor added, "I think right now we should make more series that have various seasons like it's done globally. It gives actors and makers a chance to develop more complex characters and stories that explore each character. I am very confident that the audience is now hungry for thought-provoking content, that entertains"

The actor further said, " I believe that we live in an era in which talent can be explored and publicly displayed. This is the age of filmmakers, writers, and actors, as there are so many opportunities coming up. We have also got mediums like OTT, where entertainment is available to everyone. Anyone—from a businessman to a barber anyone who finds it difficult to go to the theaters can just stream content online. So it's a great thing to see the industry and content evolving. This is the era of actors and filmmakers. We are in the perfect age, perfect time, perfect industry"

We truly admire Vaarun's commitment to being an actor who works without expectation, only pure passion and love for the art.

On the work front, The actor has also received applause for his series 'Undekhi' created by Sidharth Sengupta, which was officially released on Sony LIV. Vaarun Bhagat was also seen in Udan Patolas, which was released on Amazon Mini TV. There are a few more things in the pipeline for the actor, which will be announced soon.


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