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When will the Kalki avatar of Kali Yuga be born? At what date, time, and place?

However, the time indicated for Kalki's arrival in some ancient Hindu scriptures is '21 fortnights from the birth of Krishna' while in another as, 'Margashirsha month, Krishna Ashtami, 8th day after full moon'. The Shrimad Bhagwat Purana describes in detail the avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Nostradamus (a French Prophet) calls him as Immortal Ruler. As per his predictions, whose more than 85% predictions came true, has predicted that so called Immortal ruler will come by 2022 - 2025, probably after beginning of WWIII. As per Nostradamus, Ruler will take birth in South India

Vishnu Purana mentions that in 2026 Kalki will be born in Shambala. As mentioned in Vishnu Purana, Shambhala is the land that is holding the destiny of mankind, a celestial kingdom, where only the God's will reigns. As per the legends, Shambhala is well guarded by holy spirits.

Kaliyuga started just 5,100 years back. 4,27,000 remaining years are there. Kaliyuga runs on one leg out of four. In the last years of Kaliyuga, dharma will reduce to high levels. Adharma takes place in full length. There will be no good rains. Either storms or floods takes place frequently. Innocent people will find no rescue.

Fighting and quarrels will be there in high position. The heights of human beings will be decreased much more. Hybridisation among the creatures will increase more. People will forget morals and humanity. In this situation Lord Srinivasa (Vishnu), comes to rectify the earth in the form of Kalki Bhagavan.

He controls the power of Kali Purusha by his Sword “Nandakam”. He will come by a white horse. He will be born to a Brahmana, called Vishnuyasa, who will live in Sambala village. It is a village near Himalayas. Vishnuyasa is doing Tapas now, to get rights to have Vishnu or Srinivasa as his son.

When his incarnation takes place, people will set down back to the qualities of Dharma, as he controls all evils. Number of people will decrease again. There will be no more ‘Kaliyuga”. Kritha yuga will start again. Earth will settle down peacefully.

As written in the Kalki Purana: Literal translation: Srimad Bhagavatha Maha Purana – 12:2:18

शम्भल ग्राम मुख्यस्य ब्राह्मणस्य महात्मनः।

भवने विष्णुयशसः कल्किः प्रादुर्भविष्यति॥

शम्भु Shmbhu (Shmbhu Bhola) + ल or ले (of) + ग्राम Grama (Community/Village) + मुख्यस्य Mukhyasya (Principally) + ब्राह्मणस्य Brahmanasya (of the Brahmins) + महात्मनः Maha Atman (Great Souls). At village/community of Shmbhal, principally of great soul brahmins.

भवने विष्णुयशसः कल्किः प्रादुर्भविष्यति।।

भवने Bhavanê (At the home of) + विष्णु Vishnu + यशसः Yáśas (Worthy) + कल्क Kalk ( Mud or Sediment) + इ i (to arise from, come from) + प्रादुर् Prādúr (Arise/Born) भविष्यति Bhavishyati (In the future)

In the future at the home of Vishnu worthy, Kalki (mud/sediment born) will arrive. (This may point to a name equivalent to mud or sediment born.)

द्वादश्यां शुक्ल-पक्षस्य माधवे मासि माधवम्।

जातं ददृशतुः पुत्रं पितरौ हृष्ट-मानसौ।।

(1:2:15 Kalki Purna)

द्वादश्यां शुक्ल-पक्षस्य माधवे मासि माधवम्।

द्वादश्यां - द्वा dvA (two) + दश्यां dashya (tens/10's) meaning 12 शुक्ल Shukla (bright) + पक्षस्य(pakshaya) parts (the first part of the moon cycle) + माधवे madhva is hindu month of Chaitra/Spring (First day of Chaitra is when Lord Brahma created the universe, Hindu new year starts) March/April + मासि masi (month of) + माधवम् Lord Vishnu(as Kalki) arrived.

On the 12th of the waxing moon in the month of Madhwa (Spring March/April, Hindu new year) Lord Vishnu (as Kalki) arrived. This amounts to just 12 days per any given year, furthermore as there is only one day per year of Lord Sri Maha Vishnu (Chaitra Dwadashi), this amounts to just one (Chaitra Shukla Pakshaya Dwadashi) day each year or 100 days in a century. जातं ददृशतुः पुत्रं पितरौ हृष्ट-मानसौ।।

जातं jatam (born - brought into existence) + ददृशतुः dadastu (then) + पुत्रं putram (a son) + पितरौ pitarau (parents [were]) + हृष्ट hrshta (thrilling with rapture, rejoiced, pleased, glad, merry) + मानसौ manasau (mental feeling).

Then the parents were mentally overjoyed by their son being born. This points to the sun sign of Aries. In the month of Chaitra (Spring March/April, Hindu new year), the fifteen days in Shukla paksha (first fortnight / Waxing moon) are dedicated to fifteen gods or deities. Each day of the Chaitra month is dedicated to a different god. The 12th day of Chaitra Shukla Pakshaya is dedicated to Lord Sri Maha Vishnu.

There is a description of his background in other sources of scripture. The Kalachakra tantra, first taught by Buddha to Dharmaraja Suchandra of Shambhala, also describes his background: Lord Kalki will appear in the home of the most eminent brahmana of Shambhala village, the great souls Vishnuyasha and his wife, the pure of thought Sumati. — Shrimad-Bhagavatam Bhag.12.2.18 The Savior of the entire universe, Maha Vishnu will be born on Margashirsha Month, Krishna Ashtami 8th day after the full-moon day. — Bhavishya Purana, Canto IV, Chapter 23, Text 15

Kalki will not tell to the world but he will show to the world that he is Kalki avatar. And even after appearance he will deny to come as Kalki as India is not the only one country that he belongs but he belongs for justice of whole world and nature and only after doing justice, he will appear. I don't know whether he is called as Kalki or not. Nostradamus (a French Prophet) calls him as Immortal Ruler. As per his predictions, whose more than 85% predictions came true, has predicted that so called Immortal ruler will come by 2022 - 2025, probably after beginning of WWIII.

As per Nostradamus, Ruler will take birth in South India (i.e. Maharashtra and below in India) where 5 rivers originate and surrounded by 3 oceans. Because only south India (not North India) is surrounded by seas at three side, and therefore he is likely to be born in a state where more than 5 rivers originate. People have taken the meaning of state of 5 rivers as Punjab only but Punjab is not surrounded by the seas at its three sides and no any river originate there. Moreover whole North India is not surrounded by sea at three sides.

As per my knowledge five or more than 5 rivers get their origin only either in Maharashtra or Karnataka. Nostradamus does not give predictions straight way but always gives tricky answers so that people get confusions and they will come to know only after happening of event because 100% of future predictions should not be made open. Nostradamus also says that Ruler (Kalki) has migrated twice towards north and will come like a thunderbolt. He will blow out with the help of air the insanity/lunatic behaviour of his enemies as to oppose him in Asia will be folly (in vain). The same lunatic behaviour of opponents will become reason of their own irreparable loss to be realised by them only after happening of the event later on.

It is possible that he will visualise himself after beginning of 3rd world war which is on the brink of its happening ( I feel may be somewhere during 2022- 25). So if Ruler or Kalki comes after WW3, means I feel he is already born somewhere middle of 20th century. It is certain he is Hindu Brahmin that I feel. Details regarding his name and his work has been already mentioned by Nostradamus in his book “century” and also the time of war which is given as 2012 - 25. In the beginning he will be disliked by people but after his arrival, people will give him a great welcome and love which nobody in past thousand years has received such a grand welcome.

But I am doubtful whether Immortal Ruler or Kalki will come immediately after WW3, because probably his purpose is to kill evil minded people (sinful people) of the world through effects of war/natural calamities/any other reasons, and then only he will visibialise.

He has already killed them spiritually some 35 years back and time is ripe by 2020–21for physical killing, like Rama and Krishna (how Kalki kills sinful people of world by becoming small child? this is a secret and can not be disclosed to anybody except satyuga people only), and waiting for physical killing to happen.

Kaliyuga ended in 2012 and we are in “sandhi “ period. Please also go through the spiritual curse of Gandhari of destruction of Yadu vansha after 36 years. Spiritual killing takes 36 years to happen physical killing and spiritual killing of only ill minded people/extremely dirty non veg.eaters takes place and good minded/veg.eaters people remain protected.

He will not touch to good people. Only spiritual killing likely through natural calamities/outbreak of germs/WW3 are likely the weapons in the form of sword chosen by him to eliminate sinful people of the world.

There is no necessity to identify Kalki as it is of no use. One thing to be noted that no person has capability to identify him before his arrival, and if any sacred soul identifies him before his arrival then please don't disclose that Kalki has been identified (except his relations) and keep it secret, otherwise it may pose danger to their life or even happening of injury during the various destructions during war or elsewhere. I see on social media that many people have started searching Kalki in south India but please don't do that and don't take the risk of life. Better to leave the work of searching.

Even his family members inclusive of wife and children are unaware of it. Kalki will come at a prescribed juncture when world requires his presence. He himself will disclose his identity at that time by his act and before that he will slowly make people aware of his presence in the world through demons or in this Kaliyuga called as demonic people who will be first to identify him (as their souls are eager to leave body) for their own destruction only as their presence is not required in Satyug.

Percentage of killing of people may be less in India as compared to rest of world and these survivals of India will be sent to other countries by Kalki to establish Sanatana dharma and knowledge of spirituality in whole world.

Therefore I appeal to all the people to please follow only good path and leave bad path as after arrival of Kalki, he may or may not be merciful towards all the people as he knows that only demons will not follow the right path and sure to die. Better if all the people stop immediately eating non-veg food and switch on to veg. food. Because Nostradamus has written that in the beginning people will hate him, next stage they will give love to him and in final stage, they will be feared of him and it is true that only bad and sinful people and those who eat non-veg food, will get fear from him as more than 80 -85% of people come under this category (sinful) in this world.

In this case, I would like divert your attention to quartino 74 of Century10 of Nostradamus where he says that “Not far from millennium, the great seventh number(may be 2023), is accomplished when dead will come out of their graves”. This means dead will give clue to the people. They will say that they died because of non vegetarian food. Remaining good people only will enter in satyug and whole world will become one country.

So please note that we are in sandhi period and world will enter soon in satyug after destruction. I feel that period may be somewhere nearing to 2050.

Please do not misunderstand that Kalki is enjoying in punishing sinners. In fact he is the incarnation who will help people to get rid of all their problems at a proper time. He also suffers for fulfilment of his duties like Rama (suffered for 14 years of exile), while Krishna almost lost his childhood of fear of death. Kalki also has to suffer for 36 years till his appearance as his area of operation is whole world. Rama's area was India, and Krishna's Asia. After completion of sufferings only he will visibilize to solve the problems of the world and also punish sinners who will also realise that though they are punished, Kalki only will relieve them from all types of problems by way of spirituality.)

The secrets of Kalki are he has arrived only to punish the sinners/animal eaters all over the world and he has only the authority to take back his punishment actions. When approx. 75% of population will get his punishment, after then only he will visualise and relieve world from their problems. The Shanti mantra of Ishavasyopanishad says that 'That supreme entity is complete, I'm complete and that supreme entity continues to remain complete despite I, who is complete emerge from that complete supreme entity'.

Kalki is the energy which flows in us, which helps us distinguish between what is good and what is not. It the personification of Dharma. Legend has it that Kalki shall arise when unrighteousness prevails. What if the ‘unrighteousness' is nothing but the small misdeeds which people or we ourselves commit and when we, stop, them or ourselves, we in fact transform or rather transcend to Kalki.

Why do we 'wait' for God when we are The God? Why do we 'wait' for Parshuram to train Kalki when we can declare our Gurus (i.e. our teachers, our parents, our friends, people who we admire, our past, our knowledge etc) as Parshuram and let them train our senses, our consciousness to invoke the God within us, to battle the negative energies which hamper us from achieving our destined goals. Kaliyuga shall end when we end it. Kalki shall be born when we give birth to it. Peace.


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