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Yashasvi Jaiswal , Yashasvi finally achieved his dream and why not he deserved this

In the Mumbai city where Yashvi did not have a roof to hide his head, today he has bought a 5BHK flat in the same Mumbai. In a film story, a poor house boy becomes a rich by selling Panipuri, Yashvi Jaiswal has turned it into reality. Yashvi Jaiswal has made history by hitting a century on test debut at the age of 21. He has become the third Indian salute batsman to score a century in a successful debut test. He faced 387 balls and scored 171 runs in the Dominica test against West Indies. He hit 1 six and 16 fours in his innings. It is said that hard work done with a true heart never goes waste. When Yashvi Jaiswal came to Mumbai, the UP Cricket Board had removed him from the trial of the Under-14 team. Coach Arif Khan was heartbroken to see this in Suriyawan, Bhadohi. He started training Successful at age 7. Coach's heart was saying that if the boy goes to a big city, he will make a big goal. When Yashshwi was 8, he joined his club's senior team. Left hand spin and batting at number 8...!

Yashvi won many trapped matches at the same age with his team. 8 runs were remaining for the victory in Pratapgarh district and the bowler killed 2 bouncers to little Yashvi. Both balls cross border line 4 runs and team wins. At that time, the audience paid Success a lot of money. The coach was determined, but the family refused. Actually Yashvi's elder brother Tejaswi Jaiswal also played cricket on behalf of the same club. He was 2 years older than successfully. Tejaswi also had a left hand salute batsman in the area. Dad had a lime shop. Successful coaching fees were given as the economic situation was not good. Parents said that take the elder son to Mumbai, but let the younger one stay at home. The round of Mannavwal went on throughout the year. Finally parents agreed to send Yashsvi to Mumbai. Yashvi Jaiswal's first residence was in Nalasopara, Mumbai. He used to go to free ground to practice with his group from there. Meanwhile Yashvi's uncle's rented house wasn't big enough to stay where he could continue his cricket preparations. Successful from here worked in Kalbadevi Dairy hoping for a night home. One day Successful's whole stuff was thrown away saying he does nothing. Doesn't help them, but sleeps because of tired and shattered after a day of cricket practice.

After days of starving and thirsty, Yashvi found a place to stay in the free ground tent. It was very difficult to sleep in that tent during the extreme heat. So successful used to make middle field beds at night. Sleeping in the open resulted in one night being bitten by a worm in the eye of the successor. His eye was very swollen. Successy didn't have enough money to go to the doctor and get his eye treated. Since that day, no matter how hot it is, I slept in the successful tent. After this, successfully started helping to sell panipuri and fruits in Ramlila in Azad Maidan. There were many nights when they had a battle with the groundsman living and in return the successor had to sleep hungry. During Ramlila, the players who used to practice with Success many times came to their shop to eat Golgappas. Successful was very shy at that time. Successful saw other players bring their parents lunch. But the successful did not get breakfast in the tent, lunch and dinner was also lucky to make bread and vegetables by himself.

Successful says I remember very well the days when I almost became shameless. I used to go to lunch with my teammates, knowing I don't have money. I used to tell them, no money but hunger. When one or two teammates teased, I didn't reply in anger. I used to be left after drinking tears. Yashvi did not tell all these things to his childhood coach Arif Khan and his family at that time. They were afraid that when the truth was revealed, the family would be called back and then their dream of playing cricket for India would remain incomplete. After this, Yashwi came in contact with Mumbai's famous cricket coach Jwala Singh and started trying to reach the destination with intensity. Meanwhile, Mumbai Cricket Association was taking the trial of the Under-14 team. The successful Jaiswal who was rejected by the UP Cricket Board, Mumbai Cricket Association adopted with open arms. Yashvi scored 50 centuries in the next 5 years while playing in Mumbai's U-14 team. Successful's century was almost sure in every second match. The Mumbai Cricket Association was in chaos after seeing such an extraordinary talent batsman.

Seeing such a stormy performance, Yashvi was included in India's Under-19 team. Here Yashwi has made a full bhakal in the Vijay Hazare trophy played with white ball. As a salute batsman from Mumbai's senior team he scored 113 runs in his first match. Their highest score was 203 runs in that tournament. That season successor scored 564 runs in 6 matches of Vijay Hazare Trophy with the help of 1 half century, 2 century and 1 double century. Now the successes were slowly coming into the eyes of the country. India was set to play the Under-19 World Cup in 2020 and successor's form was telling that the risk of keeping him out of the team cannot be taken. Team India made it to the finals in this tournament played in South Africa. Successvi scored the most 400 runs in the tournament on bouncy wickets. During this he scored 1 century and 4 half centuries. India lost the final by 3 wickets to Bangladesh but the new journey of Yashvi Jaiswal, selected man of the series had started. Rajasthan Royals bought Yashshuvi for 2.4 crores in IPL auction just after the World Cup but gave him chance to play only 3 matches.

Successful had understood that they will have to do something special to come in IPL playing XI. In the 2021-22 Ranji Trophy, successor scored 498 runs with 3 centuries and 1 half century in 3 matches. He was in quarterfinals, semifinals and finals from Mumbai. Yashshvi had scored a century in both innings of the semifinal. After making Mumbai Ranji champion, Dalip came down from West Zone to play the trophy. Already 228 runs in the match and 265 runs in the final. Successful alone made West Zone Dalip Trophy champion. Successful was selected in India A team based on this performance. He scored a strong century against Bangladesh here too. In the beginning of 2023, he came down to play for the successful Rest of India and made the team champion by scoring a double century against Ranji trophy champion Madhya Pradesh. Successful performances in 2021 and 2022 IPL did not go up to expectations.

Playing 10 matches in IPL 2021 with the support of 1 half century 249 and in the same 2022, in 10 matches, with the help of 2 half centuries, only 258 runs were scored. Although Rajasthan Royals had full faith on them. So the team retained them 2022 mega auction. Finally, in IPL 2023, Yasasvi returned the confidence of his team with interest. He scored 625 runs with a strike rate of 163.61 in 14 matches with 5 half centuries and 1 century. The result is that he was selected Emerging Player of the Tournament. Yashvi has scored 1845 runs from an average of 80.21 in 26 innings of 15 first class cricket matches. During this time his bat has 2 half centuries and 9 centuries. Successful Jaiswal's cricketing career began at the age of 8 with playing matches while travelling on the roof of a truck in the cold of December-January. He went to play leather ball matches in different districts of UP on behalf of the club. Finally at the age of 21, Successful got the fruit of his hard penance. He made his Test debut against West Indies on July 12 and scored a smashing century in the first innings. Hopefully the successful ODI World Cup will be seen in 2023. Team India will be made world champion with the power of bat. Will hit centuries.

His batting will create fierce chaos

Yashvi Jaiswal will shower centuries


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