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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss Watching Netflix’s 'Wild Wild Punjab!

Netflix is here to make your mid-week blues disappear with its latest comic caper Wild Wild Punjab releasing on Wednesday, 10th July! With the wildest break-up road trip, an epic bromance, never-ending adventures and the best way to say I am over you, Wild Wild Punjab is the movie for all seasons.

*Here are 5 reasons why you should watch Wild Wild Punjab!*

1. *The Tribe with a Vibe*: These motley bunch of friends will redefine friendship for you. From a Dil Toota Ashiq (Varun Sharma, aka Khanne) to a Dil Phek Ashiq (Sunny Singh, aka Arore), a Bheegi Billi (Jassie Gill, aka Jainu) and a Yaaron Ka Yaar (Manjot Singh, aka Honey Paaji). These four boys be vibin’ like no other - so much so that they go on a break up trip to help their friend find closure. On the way, they make more friends in a Bholi bhali Punjaban (Patralekhaa, aka Radha) and a Patakha Kudi (Ishita Raj, aka Meera). Don't miss the epic bromance and crazy shenanigans they bring to the screen; it will surely make you want to pack your bags and join their fun!

2. *Epic Wedding Gatecrash*: Ever wondered what happens when a bunch of friends decide to crash an ex’s wedding? ‘Wild Wild Punjab’ takes this wild idea and turns it into an epic adventure. Expect the unexpected with impromptu plans, laugh-out-loud moments, and a wedding gatecrash you will definitely want to be a part of!

3. *Road trip 101*: This isn’t just any road trip; it’s a breakup trip with a twist! What Wild Wild Punjab tells you is to have a purpose for a road trip… just don't plan it and go with the flow. What comes next is the whacky adventures, hilarious detours, and some seriously bold moves. This is what memories are made of… and this is what you will be discussing on your chat groups for a long time.

4. *Lots of Dil, Dosti and Drama:* While the film promises tons of laughs, it also packs an emotional punch. The story of bromance, break-up, and the unending support of your friends, will give you all the right feels. It’s a perfect blend of heart and humor that makes it more than just a comedy that will take you back to your crazy adventures with your friends and will make you want to hug them just a little bit harder… or plan that pending road trip!

5. *And Finally, The best way to say I AM OVER YOU*: Have your heart broken, grab your friends, make an impromptu plan to go on an epic road trip through Punjab, enjoy the whackiest of adventures, and laugh a little more! Through all this, will Khanne get the closure he deserves? Will he finally be able to say - I am Over You - to Vaishali’s face?

What are you waiting for? Get ready for a wild ride with 'Wild Wild Punjab'! This one’s going to be a blast!

*Watch Wild Wild Punjab, streaming exclusively on Netflix from 10th July 2024!*


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