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5 things we learnt from the characters of The Legend Of Hanuman S3!

The Legend of Hanuman Season 3 is creating quite a stir with its fantastic reviews, and the real gem lies in the fact that it goes beyond mere entertainment. The Legend of Hanuman not only captures attention but also imparts timeless lessons. With Damandeep Singh giving his voice to Hanuman and Sharad Kelkar to Ravan, the series resonates with thought-provoking ideas. Each episode becomes more than just a watch; it transforms into a delightful experience, leaving viewers with valuable insights.

With that, let’s jump into the qualities showcased by its characters that we can embrace in our own journey:

1) Sita’s undying loyalty

Sita's unshakable devotion to Ram despite Ravan's trickery shows us the value of enduring dedication. Her faithfulness shines through uncertainty as a sign of genuine love.

2) Ravan’s intelligence

Despite his notorious reputation, Ravana possessed amazing qualities that should be honored. His dedication and faith were expressed in his lengthy tapasya to placate Lord Shiva and significant education, received from his distinguished lineage, to name a few, teach us a lot to instill in our lives.

3) Hanuman’s relentless bravery

In The Legend of Hanuman Season 3, Hanuman emerges as the epitome of courage and leadership. The series beautifully portrays his loyalty as the most devoted subject of Shree Ram, undergoing rigorous training to enhance his abilities. Amidst setbacks and gains in the ongoing battle against Ravan, Hanuman's character grows, not just as a warrior but as a leader inspiring his fellow soldiers to stand strong against obstacles.

4) Ram’s righteousness

In The Legend of Hanuman Season 3, Shree Ram stands as an example of righteousness and bravery. As the central figure in the ongoing battle against Ravan, Shree Ram's character exemplifies commitment to dharma. Despite facing setbacks, he remains resolute in his quest to rescue Sita, urging his loyal subject Hanuman and the Vanar army to persist in their righteous cause. Through the series, Shree Ram's portrayal reflects the values of righteousness, bravery, and a commitment to the path of truth.

5) Lakshman’s devotion and sacrifice

As a loyal companion to Shree Ram, Lakshman faces the harsh realities of the ongoing battle, witnessing setbacks and challenges. His sacrifice becomes palpable as he selflessly puts the mission's success above personal comfort, enduring hardships for the greater good.

As the series unfolds, let it be a source of inspiration, reminding us to embody these virtues in our lives.


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