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Actress Pia Bajpiee Recieves Appreciation by Fans and Critics on the success of her just released…

*Actress Pia Bajpiee Recieves Appreciation by Fans and Critics on the success of her just released movie Lost*

With Lost having released on 16th February, Pia Bajpiee is garnering a lot of praise for her outstanding performance in the thriller! A new avatar of the actress was seen and immensely appreciated by fans in her latest look. The Rising star has secured a place in everyone’s hearts with her amazing dialogue delivery and out of the world acting skills.

Receiving great reviews for her par excellence acting, Pia is being called the shining new star that the industry needed. With her scenes turning into memes and her comments section exploding with complimets, it's a great phase in Pia's career.

Her take on this is, "I feel blessed to receive such a kind of love and praise from the audience. This movie was around around the period when I was not in my senses, The phase when I just lost my brother my tears were not stopping but still due to professional commitments i shot on the given dates. A girl like me from small town with big dreams feeling so!. Overwhelming with the way industry is welcoming me , this year I have a lot of promising characters with different shades.Though the movie just released, I have been receiving a lot of messages and calls from the people who watched it. It makes me happy that my fans are praising my efforts. I hope to get more opportunities to grow in the future. "

The movie Lost is a thriller revolving around the story of a boy who disappears. Pia is an important cog in the unfolding of the story and the great addition of her path breaking performance had us hooked till the end!


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