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Bollywood star Sonam Kapoor to be exclusively managed by YRF Talent!

Bollywood star Sonam Kapoor will be exclusively managed by the boutique agency YRF Talent, known as the star-makers of our times. Having historically managed incredible actors like Rani Mukerji, Anushka Sharma, Ranveer Singh, Ayushmann Khurrana, Bhumi Pednekar etc., the team will now focus on shaping ‘Brand Sonam Kapoor’ locally and globally.

This development makes Sonam the first actress YRF has signed whom they did not launch. YRF Talent is also managing young actors like Sharvari and Ahaan Panday - two fresh faces touted to be future stars of India.

Sonam’s return will begin with two tentpole projects, details of which are currently under wraps.

Sonam Kapoor is loved by people across generations due to her relatability. Sonam has always stood up to raise her voice on important social issues and is an ally of the LGBTQIA+ community.

She is also India’s biggest fashion star globally and is known to have revolutionized India’s pop culture through her incredible fashion game.

YRF Talent will work closely with Sonam to craft a disruptive brand identity, which stands for all things cool — from the choice of her films, to her natural synergy with the biggest global fashion and luxury brands, to her life choices as an independent-minded working mother. Sonam has always been supportive of women in the workplace, making her a champion of women and their rights.

Prithwish Ganguly, Vice President - Talent & Communications Strategy, confirms this development saying, “It is exciting to join forces with Sonam Kapoor as she charts her path to return to the movies. Sonam is a unique and a very exciting brand. We are delighted to on-board her as an artiste that we will manage exclusively and curate her brand strategy globally.” #sonamkapoor #bollywood #actress

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