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The story of the film begins with the Indian intelligence agency shifting a technical consignment from one place to another. Which is a protective shield. Which can be saved from the Indian neighboring country or any attack and an organization of some people attacks it on the way and steals it and kills all the army soldiers.

The news of this accident is first received by Captain Meesha, played by Manushi Chhillar, and she informed Colonel Adil and Karan Shergill, played by Ronit Bose Roy and Manish Choudhary.

Failure of such a big secret mission is a big dilemma for the Indian intelligence agency and it is decided that only two people can bring back this Security Shield.

They will have to be called back, and both suspended officers will definitely come back for this work, Firoz i.e. Freddy who is played by Akshay Kumar and Rakesh i.e. Rocky who is played by Tiger Shroff.

Both of them are true patriots who can kill as well as get killed to protect the country. You must be wondering why the military officer asked to call these two back because they did not follow the orders of their seniors while completing a mission.

As a result both of them were suspended. And they are called back to complete this big mission, and the further story starts from here, there is a time of Three days to get it back the shield at any cost How these people all come together, Alaya F is in the role of Pam and the Freddy, Rocky, Meesha. Now from here the story of the film moves forward, how will they save the entire team and the nation pride.

This film is written by Ali Abbas Zafar, its writer is also the same, its screen play is written by Ali Abbas Zafar and Aditya Basu and the director of this film is also the same Ali Abbas Zafar.

You will not see anything in this film that will not make you feel that you have never seen this new thing before. The story of the film, based on technical, Human cloning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Access code, High technology, is such a story that today we usually see TWO to THREE times reels on social media every day morning and evening.

The first one is so Boring that you won't even be able to think about it. A little bit of a second half is better than the first half. I myself am a big fan of Akshay Kumar, I am feeling so strange that what was Akshay thinking about doing this film, you will not get any Emotional feeling , Comedy , No chemistry in the entire film whereas this movie is based on the defence of a Country.

There is no chemistry between the two actors. The screen play is so weak that you will first be surprised at how movies are being made in these days. What are people thinking in these days when they are making films and what are the actors thinking when they are making films?

The film has dragged on for so long without any main theme. The guest appearance is of Priya played by Sonakshi Sinha. And one main thing is that there is no romance in the film. There are three songs which do not give you that much impact, not even a single song among the songs is a hit. This is also the biggest lack of this film… The dialogues of the film are written by Suraj Gianani and Ali Abbas Zafar, that is too weak.

Let us talk about the ACTING which Akshay Kumar (Freddy), and Tiger Shroff (Rocky), Ordinary acting has been given which is nothing special by them, Prithviraj Sukumaran (Kabir) has played the role very well, Manushi Chhillar (Meesha) has been average and Alaya F (Pam) has really played her character well. The rest of the cast Ronit Bose Roy (Colonel Adil) and Manish Choudhary (Karan Shergill) and Sonakshi Sinha (Priya) have also done below average acting. The location of the film is very good but the director could not take advantage of it.

The music of the songs was not that impressive, the music of the film is by Vishal Mishra, lyrics by Irshad Kaamil. The choreography by Bosco Caesar which is quite good but since the song is not a hit, the music also cannot do its job. The VFX and Editing of the film could have been better to some extent.

Overall, this film will not be successful at the box office. The kind of story of the film failed to reach the MASS AUDIENCES as expected.

You could have taken full advantage of the EID festival despite there being no Khan’s Starrer Film, but you missed this opportunity too.






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