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“It felt like there was a bigger message”: Jennifer Lopez on her upcoming Amazon Original, This Is Me…Now: A Love Story

The excitement among Jennifer Lopez’s fans on the release of This Is Me…Now: A Love Story, which showcases the meaning of love and self-love from the diva’s perspective, is quite high. Adding her touch of elegance, the actress has an interesting take on how this film was made. She created an album by the same name but did not want to take the conventional route for the album launch. Taking help from her dear friend, Dave Meyer (director), she visualised her perception and idea of love and started writing a script, which then resulted in - This is Me…Now: A Love Story premiering on February 16 on Prime Video.

Speaking about what ignited the idea of This is Me…Now: A Love Story, Lopez said, “There wasn't a time where I was like, "Oh, I'm going to do this at some point in my life." This was something that was really inspired by the music and a moment in life that I wanted to capture, that seemed very kind of magical and even surreal at times that it was happening. I went into the studio and I made this album. And when it was done, I thought to myself, there's more to this story, there's something bigger I want to do with this music. I just don't want to do the normal, put out a video and do this and do that and promotions.”

She added, “It felt like there was a bigger message. So I called Dave (director)and we sat down and we talked about it. I played him some of the music and I said, "I want to do something." I don't know exactly what I want to do, which is kind of why I think we created something that hadn't really been done. It didn't fit into any one specific category. Not quite a film, not quite a video, but a story nonetheless, something very original. We sat there and we talked about it and I sang to Dave. I did all kinds of stuff. And then Dave really kind of honed in on, "Well, that's the story. What you just told me is what we should do." We started putting it down on paper, trying to describe it to people. They didn't really quite get it. Then we had to write a script for them to understand it. We did that. And then we kind of went from there.”

Directed by Grammy-winner Dave Meyers, the musical stars Fat Joe, Trevor Noah, Kim Petras, Post Malone, Keke Palmer, Sofia Vergara, Jenifer Lewis, Jay Shetty, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Sadhguru, Derek Houg in pivotal roles. The movie will premiere globally on February 16 exclusively on Prime Video.


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