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Prime Video presents the perfect slate of thrilling titles to binge watch this Halloween

Prime Video presents the perfect slate of thrilling titles to binge watch this Halloween

Halloween season is here, and you know what it means – pumpkin spice lattes and a spooky movie fest! It's time to prepare for your own chills-at-home scarefest and Prime Video is your perfect gateway to binge-worthy shows and movies that will surely send shivers down your spine. Whether you're a fan of supernatural suspense, bone-chilling thrillers, or tales that defy the boundaries of reality, we've conjured up a selection of the best shows and films to make your Halloween nights scary like never before. So sit back and enjoy these spine-tingling watches!

  1. Totally Killer (1h 45min) - Comedy, Horror

This Amazon Original film is directed by Nahnatchka Khan and written by David Matalon, Sasha Perl-Raver, and Jen D'Angelo. Jamie, played by Kiernan Shipka, accidently travels back in time to 1987 to try and stop a serial killer who has returned 35 years later to claim his fourth victim. Jamie teams up with Pam, played by Olivia Holt, who is his teenage mother and their encounter is the heart of the story.

  1. Adhura (7 episodes) - Suspense, Horror

This series revolves around a boarding school, the place where something suspicious is happening, which is just beyond our thinking and imagination. Produced by Nikkhil Advani’s Emmay Entertainment and directed by Ananya Banerjee and Gauravv K Chawla, the Amazon Original series features Ishwak Singh, Poojan Chhabra, Rijul Ray, Zoa Morani, Sahil Salathia, and Aru Krishansh Verma as high school friends alongside Rasika Dugal, Shrenik Arora and Rahul Dev playing pivotal roles.

  1. Chhorii (2 h 9 min) - Suspense, Horror

It is a suspense thriller with an underlying social message about female infanticide. In this Amazon Original film, Sakshi (Nushrratt Bharuccha) and Hemant (Saurabh Goyal) are a happily married couple, eight months pregnant. Hemant faces severe repercussions when he can't pay lenders for the company he intended to start. Due to this, the couple is forced to go to a remote area where they can stay safe and have time to arrange for the money. However, the house they move to has a history of gore and ghosts.

  1. The Horror of Dolores Roach (8 episodes) - Comedy, Drama, Horror

This Amazon Original series is about a serial killer, Dolores Roach, played by Justina Machado, explaining why she, along with her empanada-seller boyfriend, played by Alejandro Hernandez, killed people and made empanadas out of their bodies. The series is packed with endless thriller, humour and horror.

  1. Goodnight Mommy (1h 32 min) - Suspense, Horror

Twin boys, played by Cameron Crovetti and Nicholas Crovetti, who do everything together, from collecting beetles to feeding stray cats. The two welcome their mother, played by Naomi Watts, home after her reconstructive surgery. However, with her face bandaged and her aloof they begin to question her identity.

  1. Dead Ringers (6 episodes) - Suspense, Drama, Horror

This Amazon Original series is a modern adaptation of David Cronenberg's 1988 thriller, featuring Rachel Weisz as the dual lead Elliot and Beverly Mantle. The twins who share everything: drugs, love, and an unwavering will to do whatever it takes, even if it means going against accepted medical wisdom to end outdated procedures and advance women's healthcare.

  1. My Best Friend's Exorcism (1h 37 min) - Dark, Comedy, Horror

Since the fourth grade, Abby (Elsie Fisher) and Gretchen (Amiah Miller), two sophomores in high school, have been great friends. However, Gretchen starts to behave differently after a terrible evening of skinny-dipping — every time she's around, strange things keep happening. As Abby's inquiry yields some shocking results, the fate of Abby and Gretchen will depend on one crucial question: Will their friendship defeat the devil?

  1. Lore (6 episodes) - Suspense, Drama, Horror

From an executive producer of The Walking Dead and the executive producer of The X-Files, this Amazon Original anthology docu-series stars Aaron Mahnke, Maimie McCoy and Paula Malcomson in pivotal roles. Bringing Aaron Mahnke’s “Lore” podcast that gave rise to our worst nightmares, the series blends dramatic scenes with animations, archives and Mahnke’s narration. Lore reveals how the greatest horror legends are rooted in truth.

  1. In My Mother's Skin (1h 37 min) - Horror, Action, Fantasy, Suspense

Directed and written by Kenneth Dagatan, it narrates the story about a young girl, whose duty is to protect her dying mother while stranded in the Philippines during World War II. However things get out of hand when she seeks help from a flesh-eating fairy who makes things worse. fairy.

  1. Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformania (1h 31 min) - Fun, Horror, Comedy, Animation

Drac and his friends turn into humans when Van Helsing's (Jim Gaffigan) mysterious creation goes out of hand, and Jonathan (Andy Samberg) turns into a monster! To find a cure, Dracula (Brian Hull) and Johnny must work together in their new mismatched bodies.


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