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Trailer launch of Bhagyashree, Samir Soni, Kiku Sharda, Raima Sen, Hiten Tejwani, Jugal Hansraj

Trailer launch of Bhagyashree, Samir Soni, Kiku Sharda, Raima Sen, Hiten Tejwani, Jugal Hansraj starrer first NRI Bollywood film "NRI Wives - Grey Stories - of love Vs desires" releasing on 12th May, 2023 along with the first song launch titled "O Purvaiya" ft. Bhagyashree and Hiten Tejwani which is sung in the melodious voice of Chandana Dixit*

*The untold human interest taboo stories of oh-so-glamorous lives of NRI couples with thought provoking topics marital virginity, unmatched couples etc via a film in a slice of life relationship drama. The entire cast addressed the media about their experience while shooting, they also shared some anecdotes about their role in the film*

Actor, Writer & Producer Gunjan Kuthiala brings an ensemble cast of ace actors in a Holly and Bolly film titled "NRI Wives- Grey Stories of Love vs Desires" based around provocative tales of NRI couples navigating through life's maze of emotions & temptations. In Gunjan's words, there are lot of NRI Stories yet to be told and this film is an ideal portrayal of 'the reality behind the glitz & glamour, gloss & shine', she further adds that NRI Wives reflects about how good people can show grey shades too in odd life circumstances and dives into the never witnessed before relationship stories of the immigrants (NRIs) roller coaster. Shot in USA produced by NRILIFE Productions, the film features celebrated actors like- *Samir Soni, Jugal Hansraj, Raima Sen, Hiten Tejwani, Bhagyashree, Kiku Sharda, Gaurav Gera, Sadiya Siddiqui, Gunjan Kuthiala, Samiksha Oswal, Javed Pathan, Aditi Govitrikar, Olivia Malhotra, Kapil Arora*

The plot of the film which revolves around four real -life inspired NRI stories (Old Secrets, Void Space, Desires & Taboo) diving into the grey shades of human relationships, emotions, desires, and curiosity is slated for theatrical global release on Mother’s Day weekend on May 12th. Among many human-interest topics, NRI Wives deals with marital virginity. The cast of the film recently had the first Bollywood premiere ever in the history of Boston and New England of this locally made film- NRI Wives on 9th April. It was a private screening and poster unveiling in the home base of production.

*Producer Gunjan Kuthiala adds that* "NRI Wives is NRILIFE Productions first project to kick start NRI Bollywood- A true amalgamation of Holly N Bolly arts/film making"

*Bhagyashree says* "Life is not black n white, it's the grey that weaves relationships together. NRI WIVES is an interesting combination of relatable stories, of people around us. ... of experiences bitter n sweet, of acceptance that it takes all kinds of people to make the world go round. Gunjan had poured her heart out into making this a very special film.. go watch it with the people you love.

*Raima Sen says* "NRI Wives is a very real life -inspired bold subject story but with beautiful messages woven within them. My role is very interesting too wherein this girl even after years of her marriage has been hiding some taboo secret of her childhood and how she reacts when that secret knocks her door now in a vulnerable state of life. I played the lead role in old secrets with my co actors Gaurav Gera and Sadiya Siddiqui and thoroughly loved the cool yet warm vibes of NRI Life productions team, cast crew and the shooting fun in Seattle and the welcoming love of Seattle community too. I recommend all to watch these unique & distinct NRI Wives Grey Stories"

*Gaurav Gera says* "NRI Wives is a film made by NRI Producer Gunjan with lots of NRI Wives in her team and hence, these are real life inspired Grey stories with pros & cons of being NRI. My role is of a busy geeky IT consultant & I enjoyed playing this different character. I had a good time working with Raima Sen, Sadiya and the fun & authentic production team. I have seen Gunjan’s struggles being a new producer with a mission to create NRI Bollywood, I hope the film gets the love it deserves from the audience"

*Hiten Tejwani says* "NRI Wives is an anthology stories film and I genuinely liked the story -Void Space, in which I acted as it’s very novelty & never made before taboo & thought provoking subject and my role is of a celebrity star who travels to usa in film for a brand ambassador gig. It was an honor working with Bhagyashree & I had a great time shooting in Texas, US with NRILIFE productions warm, passionate & fun team"

*Aditi Govitrikar says* "It was indeed a pleasure to portray the role of Sumedha in grey stories produced by NRI Life productions. Gunjan, Kiku, Vidhi, Sameksha, Javed and the entire team were a pleasure to work with. Life is not black & white and no one knows what happens behind closed doors in a relationship. What we see is maybe not what it actually is- this is beautifully portrayed in NRI Wives- Grey stories"


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