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ADIPURUSH : Film Review

Movie Ratings: ⭐️⭐️½

NOTE: Don’t miss to read in the bottom last some of points can be effect the audience.

Positive Points Of Movie:

Adipurush is an awe-inspiring cinematic that takes the audience on an exhilarating journey into the realm of ancient mythology. The movie is a captivating that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. The cinematography is stunning, beautifully capturing the essence of each scene. The director's vision shines through, delivering a truly memorable cinematic experience. Overall, it's a must-watch film that will leave you thoroughly entertained and wanting more." Adipurush" is a cinematic marvel that takes the audience on an extraordinary journey into the realms of epic mythology. This film masterfully weaves together stunning visuals, awe-inspiring action sequences, and powerful storytelling to create an immersive experience like no other.

The performances in "Adipurush" are nothing short of exceptional. The actors bring their characters to life with a remarkable blend of depth and conviction, effortlessly capturing the essence of their mythological counterparts. as a devout fan of Indian cinema and mythology, I was eagerly waiting for this movie, and I must say it exceeded all my expectations. blend of suspense, action, and

Prabhas, known for his charismatic screen presence, delivers at his best performance as Lord Ram. His portrayal effortlessly captures the essence of the character, showcasing both his strength as a warrior and his unwavering devotion as a prince.

Saif Ali Khan's portrayal of the formidable antagonist, Ravana, is an absolute treat to watch. He brings an unmatched intensity to the role, infusing Ravana with a complex mix of power, arrogance, and vulnerability. Saif's nuanced performance elevates the character, making him more than just a typical villain. The confrontations between Prabhas and Saif are electrifying and undoubtedly some of the highlights of the film. Director Om Raut's vision and storytelling prowess shine through in every frame of Adipurush. The visual effects are top-notch, seamlessly blending with the narrative and adding an extra layer of realism to the mythical world.

The battle sequences are awe-inspiring, leaving you at the edge of your seat, completely absorbed in the epic clash between good and evil. The supporting cast also deserves praise for their outstanding performances. Kriti Sanon as Sita brings grace and strength to the character, while Sunny Singh as Laxman displays unwavering loyalty and a fiery spirit. They add depth to the narrative, complementing the central characters perfectly. The music and background score by Ajay-Atul are mesmerizing, capturing the essence of the story and enhancing the emotional impact of key moments. The songs are beautifully choreographed, adding to the overall visual splendor of the film. Adipurush is more than just a retelling of a mythological tale; it's a celebration of our rich cultural heritage. It explores timeless themes of love, sacrifice, and the triumph of good over evil. The film not only entertains but also sparks a sense of pride and reverence for our culture.

In conclusion, Adipurush is an extraordinary cinematic experience that deserves all the accolades it receives , Saif Ali Khan's compelling portrayal, and he did his best in this movie. No Doubt.

Negative Point Of Movie:

• Overall I liked the movie, that's all I would like to say.


• If the film can be affected, the screen play is a bit bad at some places, the dialogue delivery is a bit weak at some places and considering the “ त्रेता युग ” , some words have been selected by the “ modern era “ like “ मौत “  instead of “ मृत्यु “ , and at some places The use of double meaning words was a bit targetting. जैसे की “ इंद्रजीत का हनुमान जी की पूछ मैं आग लगाकर यह पूछना के  “ जली...अभी और भी जलेगी ” थोड़ा मॉडर्न ग्राफ़िक चल सकता है । लेकिन त्रेता युग की भाषा मैंआज के युग का व्यंग नहीं ।

Jai Shri Ram Jai Jai Ram...🙏🏻


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