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FILM REVIEW: Aranmanai 4 [HINDI]

Saravanan (Sundar C), a lawyer in Chennai, gets information that his younger sister Selvi (Tamanna Bhatia) has died. Sundar C comes to the village with his relative Kowai Sarala to find out what happened to Selvi who was living with her family in the ruined palace. Delhi Ganesh and Yogi Babu are the set properties in that bungalow. The owner of that palace Delhi Ganesh. His granddaughter Rashi Khanna. Another set of properties in the palace is Sesu.

Motai Rajendran as a cameo set property. These are the main characters. What kind of ghost is in that town. What is the origin of that ghost? Who is responsible for the death of younger sister and younger sister's husband? Why these murders? What are the powers that ghost will get and this is the story of is about the brother who is suspicious of his sister's death and finds out the reason for the murder.

Sundar C has written and directed the horror scenes in this film better than the previous parts. Even Vinay, Siddharth and Arya have no work for Santhosh Pratap in the film. Everything is Sundar C. There is nothing short of that. Sunder C has done it well as this is a strong area like throwing up and beating the minions and dealing casually with the ghost. What if this over makeup can only be reduced a little.

Tamannaah Bhatia is the new addition to Sundar C's ghost heroines, Hansika, Andriya, Lakshmi Roy, Trisha and Raashi Khanna. As a mother to two children, after the completion of Sundar C's Glamor Fans, she has shot only one song colorfully.

Exciting in the first half, completely missing in the second half. Every frame they explain to us how the murder of the younger sister happened. Sir, we need to shout for Purinjuduchu Mater to buy. In a way, when Simran and Khushbu do the Amman dance, we also relax a little. Until then Sundar C has pulled the screenplay just like dragging the servants on the tar road.

Background music by Hip Hop Adi and both songs are Semma Rakam. The minus is that Tamanna is doing something like moving her mouth properly in the song.

If this is really a ghost, goblin, satan, then at least remove the knee-jerk comedy scenes from the next films. Kovai Sarala, who was once a great comedy actress, has been fighting all her scenes in ghost films. It is not known how long 'Raghava' will be compared with modulation. Putting it to the test is VTV Ganesh's Comedy Performances. Sundar C's films are full of comedy. You have to look for those kind of comedic scenes.

Only at a few places in the second half does this combination make you laugh. Otherwise, it looks like Sundar C will soon have to go on a scavenger hunt to find comedy actors. The comedy drought is over. Comedians test even more at top notch level.

All in all, Aranmanai 4 is a boon for the stagnant Hindi cinema and its fans. Don't be shocked if this sounds like mine. With nothing to grind, we are running Kerala movies and rereleases. This is the bud that sprouted in such an environment. A little like this. Sundar C's ghostly target audience will definitely love the film.


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