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Updated: Jan 13


RATINGS: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Hanuman is such an amazing film that you will watch it whenever you watch it. Will never get tired of appreciating. The film has been directed and written by Prashant Verma , In the film, Teja Sajja “Hanumantu”, Amrutha Air “Meenakshi”, Warlakshmi Sarathkumar “Anjana”, Vinay Rai “Michael” are playing negative roles in this film, Satya and Getup Srinu both have done amazing acting. Both of them have gave their best out of it the best for this film.

The editing of the film has been done by SB Raju Talari, the sound, graphics and VFX are of such a good quality that you will not stop appreciating it. Which is done by Venkat Kumar JT, Renjith Kallinal, Milne Sawar which is really excellent. The marketing director of the film is Varun Gupta (Max Marketing).

it is connected to Indian civilization and culture. Along with this, he has beautifully integrated the concept of superhero in the story, where the superhero thinks about the welfare of the people first even after losing his loved ones.

The story of the film begins in the year 1998, where a child Michael wants to become a superhero. When Michael (Vinay Rai) grows up, he doesn't even realize when he has transformed from a superhero to a supervillain. He wants the powers that superheroes have. From there the story reaches Anjanadri, where Hanumanth (Teja Sajja) lives with his elder sister (Varalakshmi Sarathkumar).

Hindi dialogues written by Rhea Mukherjee make it better than other South Indian films, where the fun of comedy scenes does not get spoiled due to lack of good Hindi. Instead of writing interval, writing Jai Shri Ram maintains connection with the story. in the film there are two voiceover which will make you happy more than anytime Srinu voice over by Kiku Sarda and Moti's voice over (Monkey) by the great Ravi Teja

Amrita Iyer's part is nothing more than the role of the girlfriend.

Whenever getup Srinu in the role of Hanumanth's friend Kasi and Satya in the role of shopkeeper Guneshwar Rao come on screen, a smile appears on the face. Vinay Rai looks dangerous and stylish in the role of a supervillain in front of a superhero.

Talking about acting,

Teja Sajja was successful in making both the roles of Hanumanth and Hanuman very different from each other with his balanced acting. Varalakshmi's work in the role of his sister is strong.

One song in the Hindi version of the film is sung by Kailash Kher. But, more than devotion, an echo of ego is being heard in his singing, which is gradually distancing him from his fans. There is a whole fair of new films in theaters this week, but if the film 'Hanuman' is promoted well in Hindi speaking states, then it can be the first surprise hit of the year.

Technically, the lessons of the film 'Hanuman' can surprisingly reduce the budget of fantasy films in Indian cinema. Dasharathi Shivendra has neatly designed the film's cinematography in coordination with its special effects team. Sribabu Talari's editing is also worth noticing. The music of the film suits its story.

The way Hanumanth, who is of slingshot since childhood, uses his skill has been woven well into the story, Teja Sajja has also made great efforts in making this slingshot a part of his character. His expressions are especially admirable. He has been completely successful in bringing out his simplicity in love scenes and the intensity of emotions in action scenes. Amrita Iyer has also played her character Meenakshi well.


The audience will like this film more than the other films made in the recent past, what I mean to say is that the graphics and VFC work in this film has been done in an excellent manner, which is completely respectful of all the spiritual ideals and Indian culture. The same was shown as that genre has been described, watching this film I felt the same as I felt while watching the film Karthikeya last year, this is surprising.

Those whose names are big but their philosophies are small, are the only ones where films are made on a small scale. And everyone likes it like this film • Hanuman • The same Rs 600 crore film also flops because you must be understanding to whom I am referring. The only important thing is that we are only human. If God's dignity is respected and God's form is not violated, then the work definitely achieves success.

This film will prove to be a big hit and will be worth crores of rupees. The Ram temple of Maryada Purushottam Bhagwan Ram is also going to be inaugurate.... on 22nd January 2024 People will definitely go to the theatre to watch this film.


RATINGS: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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