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Bangladesh gained independence from Pakistan after the 1971 war, but just a few years later, the country witnessed a major political assassination carried out by the army. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, considered the founder of Bangladesh, was brutally killed along with his family and associates.

The film 'Mujib: The Making of a Nation' is a BIOPIC of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, considered the founder of Bangladesh. Mujib, who received the status of Father of the Nation of Bangladesh, led the country in the war against Pakistan and after that Bangladesh was formed by separating from Pakistan. The film 'Mujib' is jointly produced by the National Film Development Corporation of India and Bangladesh Film Development Corporation.

'Mujib' is jointly produced by National Film Development Corporation (NFDC) and Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (BFDC). The story begins with Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (Arifin Shuvoo) returning home after spending nine months in jail in Pakistan. He tells his countrymen that his grave was dug in the jail itself. There were preparations to hang him. From there the story moves to his childhood. His marriage was fixed in his childhood itself. From there, it shows his journey and struggle from the beginning of his political career to the independence of Bangladesh.

Since all these incidents are historical and everyone knows about Mujeeb, it is necessary for the audience to be aware of them in advance while watching the film. The current Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina and her sister survived the massacre because both were in Germany at that time. The undercurrent of this film is the restlessness that has existed within the people of East Pakistan since the beginning regarding their separate cultural heritage.

This is the second film made in collaboration between India and Bangladesh. Earlier, with the cooperation of both the countries, Ritwik Ghatak had produced the Bengali film 'Titash Ekti Nadir Naam' in the year 1973. The story of the film 'Mujib' starts from the childhood of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and ends with the military coup in Bangladesh where his entire family was murdered.

Shyam Benegal, who has become a living legend of Indian cinema, will definitely get many awards for this film too and his activism even at the age of 88 is no less than an inspiration for all the filmmakers.

Due to the coercion of the rulers of West Pakistan, the honor and respect of the people here was constantly tampered with and the result of this was the partition of Pakistan. The then Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi played an important role in creating independent Bangladesh.

In the film 'Mujib', which shows the achievements of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman as well as his personal and family life, there is a strong emphasis on the fact that along with the welfare of the country, he also took care of his family. The true glory of Shyam Benegal's directorial skills lies in portraying Mujib as a family man. Shyam Babu's expertise in showing history from a human perspective is being recognized by his fans through a mission.

The film ‘Mujib’ has been shot with great grandeur by its cinematographer Akashdeep Pandey. Shyam Babu's daughter Piya is the costume designer of the film and her skill is reflected in the costumes of every actor of the film. Art directors Shukracharya Ghosh, Nitish Roy and Vishnu Nishad have designed magnificent sets which look real to bring alive the atmosphere of that period. In the film, its editor Asim Sinha has made good use of footage of historical importance which helps in taking the story of the film forward. The film ‘Mujib’ has been shot in both Bengali and Hindi languages. Shantanu Moitra Background helps a lot in explaining the time period of the film.

Apart from these, Deepak Antani as Mahatma Gandhi, Fazlur Rahman Babu as Khondekar Mushtaq Ahmed, Nusrat Faria as Sheikh Hasina, Rajit Kapoor as Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Chanchal Chaudhary as Sheikh Lutfar Rehman, General Ayub Khan as The acting of Misha Savadagor etc. was commendable. Those interested in history must watch this film

The role of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is played by popular Bangladeshi actor Arifin Shuvoo in the movie 'Mujib' and he has tried to do complete justice to his role. He has completely fulfilled the role of a complex politician with strong will and unwavering faith. Nusrat Imroz Tisha, who played the role of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's wife, is also an actress and producer of Bangladeshi films. He has left a good impression with his acting in this film.


Many times it happens that without knowing any truth, we start assessing any ideology and start giving our opinion even though we have no knowledge of that statement. After watching this film, I learned that never step back from your duty, you have to kill, so why not die doing your duty. This film should be seen by every Bangladeshi person, every Pakistani people and Indians as well it will open the eyes of many people and today's young generation should also definitely watch this film.



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