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In indian cinemas first time ever released in Hindi , a Nepali film "PREM GEET 3"

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Prem Geet 3

Prem Geet 3 is an epic story of a mighty kingdom from the beyul of the Himalayas. It follows two major characters, Prem and Geet. Prem is to be the next heir to the throne as he was born in an auspicious hour of the day. Will he be able to continue the legacy of the kingdom?

Indo-Nepali film “Prem Geet 3” had been making a lot of noise among cine lovers through its posters, teaser, trailer, and songs, and now it finally graced the cinemas.

It stars Pradeep Khadka, and Kristina Gurung in the main lead roles and also has Shiva Shrestha, Sunil Thapa, Santosh Sen, Maotse Gurung, Manish Raut, Puskar Karki, Prem Puri among others.

Prem Geet 3


Prem Geet 3 witnessed excellent advance bookings ahead of the release, in the home market, 70-80% of tickets were sold out for day 1 and it took a start of Rs 2 crores from there.

In India also, it witnesses a good number of footfalls due to the national cinema day celebrations, as per reports, 75% of the tickets were sold out for day 1. Trade estimates suggest it saw an opening of 1-1.5 crores at the Indian box office.

The overseas market adds another 2 crores at its cash registers for a total of Rs 5.5 crores on day 1 at the box office worldwide. It is a huge start for a film that is made on 11 crores.

Prem Geet 3


It occupied around 200 screens in Nepal, 500 screens in India, and around 500 screens in the international market for a worldwide 1200 screens. It is made with a budget of 11 crores including 6 Cr production cost and 5 Cr printing and advertising.

Talking about the Intl. market, it releases in UAE, United Kingdom, Canada, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Japan, South Korea, and many other countries in Europe.

Prem Geet 3


It serves as the third installment in the superhit Prem Geet franchise, the distribution right of the flick was sold at Rs 4 crores in India, as per reports. It is expected to break even in the weekend, here emerging a clean hit. It has been in the making for a long and had rescheduled its release dates two times owing to the Covid pandemic.

Prem Geet 3

entertainment desk. The third part of the hit Nepali film 'Prem Geet', 'Prem Geet 3', has also been released in India on Friday. The special thing is that this part of the film is made under Indo-Nepalese film. The film marks the debut of Nepali model Christina Gurung in Hindi cinema. The special thing is that 27 thousand girls auditioned for this film, out of which Christina was selected.

This film made with the blessings of the first director

Talking about the director of the film, Christina says, 'We had two directors associated with this film. The first director was Chetan Gurung who directed the first part of the film. He was its idea creator. He is no more with us today but I think 'Prem Geet 3' was made only because of his blessings on this film. The second director is Santosh Sen who has done an amazing job. He helped me a lot to grow as an actor.

I have reached here so thank you all.

Talking about her first Hindi debut film, the actress says, "I am very lucky. This is my first Hindi movies. With this release I feel very lucky because till now I have worked only in Nepali films and this is an Indo-Nepalese film so now my work will surely reach more people. I am thankful to my parents, God, producers and co-actors.

Prem Geet 3

Prem Geet 3’s trailer and songs get a fabulous response,

Raising hopes for its theatrical performance by Pawandeep Rajan

Prem Geet 3

Nice to see love meet in India

Where was the experience of working on Pawandeep's song? When asked, Christina says, 'Me and my co-actor Pradeep Khadka in the film danced a lot on this song. This is a very funny song. Lead Actor Pradeep is a very amazing actor. We have shot in minus degree. I remember his leg was fractured and yet he was acting as if nothing had happened. As an actor, I have learned a lot from him. In the end I will say that I am very happy that the film is getting a lot of love in India.

The most expensive Nepali film made in a budget of 4 crores

Let us tell you that the film 'Prem Geet 3' made in the budget of 4 crores is the most expensive film of Nepal. The film was earlier scheduled to release in April 2020 and then in February 2021 but due to covid it could not be released. Now finally this film has been released on 23 September. Apart from India and Nepal or in China also released in Chinese language.

Prem Geet 3

Prem Geet 3

Prem Geet 3

Jarra Jarra.....Prem Geet 3

Prem Geet 3 movie has opened in 200 screens plus in India, though the makers have planned for 500 screens in the country. On Cinema Day, Pradeep film has witnessed housefull shows in India which is a great feat for a Nepali film which has been made with a budget of just 13 to 15 crores.

On the first day, Prem Geet 3 movie has collected around 45 to 50 lakhs despite cinema Day in India where ticket price is just 75 rupees only on September 23. On first day, 75 percent tickets of Prem Geet 3 movie was sold out. Well, Prem Geet 3 movie has seen good growth in terms of occupancy on day 2 as well.

The second day morning show occupancy in India is around 18 to 20 percent, which is a great feet for a Nepal based film. Prem Geet 3 movie has a strong chance to earn around 50 to 70 lakhs on day 2 in India. If that happens, Prem Geet 3 movie will collect around 1 to 1.20 crores in India.

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