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Kashika Kapoor drops hints on her and Anuj Saini's upcoming next title 'AGMP'; Keeps netizens…

*Kashika Kapoor drops hints on her and Anuj Saini's upcoming next title 'AGMP'; Keeps netizens wondering to predict over it*

The most talked about untitled Kashika Kapoor and Anuj Saini movie has been in the news for a while. For the first time, they will share space on the big screens. Well, now Kashika Kapoor has taken to her social media and shared a picture, which the director Pradip Khairwair shared on his social media and dropped the hint of her title.

This move by the actress has now heightened fans' excitement. However, there is a catch because she encouraged followers to guess the title rather than divulge it.

The actress teased the movie's acronyms before the unveiling, which sparked a frenzy on the internet. Everyone is speculating as to what the initials "AGMP," stand for.

Taking to her official Instagram handle, the director shared a picture of actress Kashika Kapoor and Anuj Saini from their workshop readings in which Kashika thinks, "Yeh Hindi itna difficult kyu hai", to which Anuj thinks, "Pura dialogues Hindi me hai". To this, the director gave a hint of his next film title, which mentions 'AGMP' coming soon.

However, it does mention that the title will be announced on 18th February, i.e., on the birthday of actress Kashika Kapoor. While netizens are having a tough day attempting to predict what the title actually is as the announcement approaches.

The movie will cover a very delicate subject which is girl education with a strong message that will be sent to young people, but the story will also have many unexpected twists and turns the film is going to be helmed by

Pradeep is known for films such as 'Sarkar 3', 'Blind Love', and many others, So, until the time comes, we can speculate that the movie title will be interesting or will have a unique twist.

We just can't wait to find out what the title is going to be. Any guesses??

Kashika, is such a young talent who has never failed to grab the limelight with her astonishing looks and marvelous acting skills. She is a true example of young talent in the industry who has accomplished so much at 20. We can definitely say that, with her unique style and charisma, Kashika Kapoor is sure to be remembered as one of the most talented actresses in Bollywood for years to come.


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