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Film Review: Kaala Paani

Film Review: Kaala Paani

This web series by Ashutosh Gowarikar and Mona Singh tells the story of the coming future (2027). The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are isolated from the rest of the world. The reason for this is a mysterious disease. Due to the disease, the people living on the island are trying to escape from the 'black water' - an unprecedented achievement in history. The notorious Cellular Jail of Port Blair has historical significance in the pre-independence era of the country.

It is known as 'black water'. The story of the web series revolves around the outbreak of a mysterious and deadly epidemic on the islands. Due to this, there is an atmosphere of anarchy and fear.

The show begins with this mysterious disease. People are getting black spots on their neck. He is having a severe cough and then sudden death begins. Despite the patients and symptoms, only Dr. Saudamini Singh (Mona Singh) wants to investigate. Meanwhile the island is set to host a major tourist festival, which is actually another sinister plot by wealthy corporate firm Atom. As the epidemic spreads, panic and anxiety grip those living on the island.

This draws parallels with the post-Covid pandemic world. The administration is shown scrambling to control this outbreak. Scientists are busy searching for a cure for this disease. While in the fight to survive, the characters of the series are surrounded by personal criticism.

Apart from Mona Singh, Ashutosh Gowariker plays the role of Resident LG (Lieutenant Governor) Admiral Jibran Qadri. With his knowing smile, he makes one feel that he is well aware of what the future holds.

The story of 'Kala Paani' has been written by Biswapati Sarkar. Sameer Saxena and Amit Golani have directed it. This is a different and attractive web series, which arouses thrill. A health crisis that has never been seen before. The impact of the pandemic on people has also been shown well. The show explores various aspects like environmental exploitation, corruption in bureaucracy and people's harmonious relationship with nature. However, due to covering all these issues within a seven-hour episode, the pace of the series is also fast.

Apart from the story of 'Kala Paani', the brilliant performance of the actors is also one of the main features. Mona Singh is brilliant in the role of a lone fighter. Sukant Goyal as the cab driver with a wounded heart has stolen the limelight of the show. While Amey Wagh is effective as an angry policeman. The characters of the rest of the cast are also well crafted.

Vikas Kumar has portrayed the emotions beautifully on screen. Aarushi Sharma also looks very cute in the character of Jyotsna. Radhika Mehrotra and Chinmay Mandlekar also contribute positively to the story in the roles of Dr. Ritu and Dr. Shashi Mahajan.

The cinematography of the web series (Evan Mulligan, Barnaby Crocker and Dhananjay Navagraha) is like a character in itself. It has been captured so beautifully in the camera that everything around seems real.

However, the biggest flaw in the entire web series is that there is no clear protagonist in it. Because of this, the series feels like a documentary in many ways, with lots of interesting characters and their journeys. In such a situation, those who expect a traditional thriller may be a little disappointed here.

Why watch - The flaws of 'Kaala Paani' become clearly visible while watching the series. The story is somewhat fragmented. However, the way the world went through crisis and the pandemic was shown makes up for it. Overall, you remain hooked to the series as a viewer from the beginning till the end and curiosity remains about the climax.

Did you enjoy the malayalam medical thriller movie, 'Virus', if so, there is a delicious feast waiting for you.  Started watching this series, 'Kaala Paani' after hearing some good reviews of it.  7 Episodes, every episode runs for about an hour easily.  Was initially skeptical to spend that kind of time finishing the series.  But glad that I convinced myself and did it.  Kudos to the writers who have meticulously and painstakingly written the characters with so much depth. 

Most of the main characters in the movie have done utmost justice to the script written by their top notch performances.  Some of the twists and turns towards the later episodes will be completely unpredictable and will certainly blow your mind away.  Series speaks loads about human emotions, compassion, in times of crisis how humanity sustains, and abundant knowledge of our legacy and ancestors. 

There is a specific portion that touches and talks about the caste system, I am not going to debate it here, but it was a bold and brilliant way of expressing their viewpoints on this topic.  You will know when you watch it and which portion I am talking about.  If not anything you will feel positive and thankful about what you have.  There might be bits and portions where it might feel a little slow, but behold it is all worth it.  There will be some deep emotional scenes, so brace yourself.  In fact, I haven't felt any slowness or anything, but saying in general if at all you are looking for a fast paced thriller then this is not for you. 

Nevertheless, if you are looking for engaging screenplay and fantabulous performances, then you are up for a treat as I said earlier.  Will definitely stand out as one of the best things I have watched this year (movies and series put together).  I can't recommend this enough, watch it and let me know what you think.  No profanity or adult only content, so you could watch it with your kids.

Film Review: Kaala Paani




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